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Sep 19th 2014

Today in History: 1863: Battle of Chickamauga; 1879: The Blackpool Illuminations are switched on for the first time; 1893: All women in New Zealand get the right to vote; 1981: Simon & Garfunkel reunite for a free concert in New York's Central Park. Holidays and Observances: International Talk Like a Pirate Day; Independence Day, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Day 262 there are 103 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Henry III of France, 1551-1589;
Maria Anna of Savoy, 1803-1884;
Porter Hall, Actor, 1888-1953;
William Golding, Author, 1911-1993;
Rosemary Harris, Actress, 1927-;
William Hickey, Actor, 1927-1997;
Adam West, Batman, 1928-;
Anna Karen, Actress, 1936-;
Caroline John, Actress, 1940-2012;
Bill Medley, Singer, 1940-;
Cass Elliot, Singer, 1941-1974;

Freda Payne, Singer, 1942-;
Jeremy Irons, Actor, 1948-;
Twiggy, Model, 1949-;
Joan Lunden, Journalist, 1950-;
Mario Batali, Cook, 1960-;
Jarvis Cocker, Singer, 1963-;
Alison Sweeney, Actress, 1976-;
Tegan Quin, Singer, 1980-;

Sara Quin, Singer, 1980-;
Kevin Zegers, Actor, 1984-;

Alex Etel, Actor, 1994-.

People died today:
William Waller, General, 1597-1668;
Giles Corey, Farmer, 1611-1692;
James A. Garfield, Politician, 1931-1881;
Alexander Tilloch Galt,
Politician, 1817-1893;
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky,
Scientist, 1857-1935;
Guy Gibson, Commander, 1918-1944;

Gram Parsons, Singer, 1946-1973;
Orville Redenbacher,
Businessman, 1907-1995;
Patricia Hayes, Actress, 1909-1998;

Rhys Jones, Archaeologist , 1941-2001;
Slim Dusty, Singer, 1927-2003;

Skeeter Davis, Singer, 1931-2004;
Roy Schuiten, Cyclist, 1950-2006;
Dolores Hope, Singer, 1909-2011;
Elizabeth Diana Percy, Duchess of Northumberland, 1922-2012;
Amidou, Actor, 1935-2013;
John D. Vanderhoof,
Politician, 1927-2013.

British communications and events company UBM Plc., is, according to a report at Reuters 'in advanced talks to acquire privately-held U.S. trade show organizer Advanstar for around $900 million.' If the sale goes through, 'this would be the first large acquisition for UBM under its new CEO Tim Cobbold' scribes and 'comes a year after Canadian private equity firm Onex Corp purchased Nielsen Expositions, the trade show arm of Nielsen Holdings for $950 million.' For more, click here.

Editor-in-chief Jennifer Reynolds and art director Stephanie White of Canadian Living magazine are editor-in-chief and art director no longer. 'The reasons behind both departures' says 'were not disclosed by TC Media' the owner of the magazine. For more, click here.

PMMI Buys Summit Media

Another week, another Louis Blouin story, well perhaps not quite weekly, but it sure seems like it. This time reports Keith J. Kelly, the Red Queen has heard from 'printing giant R.R. Donnelley' as they 'slapped the publisher of Modern Painters and Art + Auction with a new lawsuit. The suit seeks a judgment after Blouin stopped making payments on a $1 million printing tab, it is alleged.' For more, on what is owed ($1,008,024.07) if Mr. Kelly is correct, click here.

Two years ago, amid much hype, Reader's Digest increased frequency to 12 issues a year. From next year it will be back to 10 issues because says 'the company found, like many others in publishing, that the digital editions that some were looking to as an inexpensive alternative to sending print editions did not quite live up to its early hype.' For more, click here.

Apple University
Hires Wenner Media’s Rev
Chief David Kang

UN Security Council declares West Africa Ebola outbreak
a threat to international peace and security.
1,617,989 Scottish residents voted to leave the United Kingdom, but 2,001,926 disagreed - 55% No, 45% Yes.
St Andrews golf club to accept women.
California wildfire doubles in size.
Housing officials have found 600 asylum seekers hidden in a hotel in south London.
Apple iPhone and iPad users take to social media to express their frustration over installing the company's latest software update.
Tennis player Li Na is set to announce her retirement.

Channel 4's Gogglebox and BBC One game show Pointless were among the British winners at the 53rd Rose d'Or festival.

A woman who threatened to blow up, torture and castrate the actor Kevin Spacey has been sentenced to more than four years in prison.

Dennis Waterman to
leave New Tricks.

French launch first strikes on ISIS or ISIL depending on your point of view.
Sierra Leone
begins Ebola lock down.

Sep 18th 2014

Today in History: 14: Tiberius is confirmed as Roman Emperor; 96: Nerva is proclaimed Roman Emperor; 1759: British capture Quebec City; 1809: Royal Opera House in London opens; 1939: Nazi propaganda broadcaster Lord Haw-Haw begins transmitting. Holidays and Observances: Day of National Music (Azerbaijan).

Day 261 there are 104 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Trajan, Roman emperor, 53-117;
Samuel Johnson,
Lexicographer, 1709-1784;
Pope Gregory XV, 1765-1846;
Christian VIII of Denmark, 1786-1848;
Kate Booth, Salvation
Army officer, 1858-1955;
Grey Owl, Environmentalist, 1888-1938;
Doris Blackburn, Politician, 1889-1970;
Fay Compton, Actress, 1894-1978;

Seewoosagur Ramgoolam,
Politician, 1900-1985;
Agnes de Mille, Dancer, 1905-1993;
Greta Garbo, Actress, 1905-1990;
Queen Anne of Romania, 1923-;
Phyllis Kirk, Actress, 1927-2006;
Frankie Avalon, Singer, 1939-;

Mo Mowlam, Politician, 1949-2005;
Anna Deavere Smith, Actress, 1950-;
Tim McInnerny, Actor, 1956-;
Tara Fitzgerald, Actress, 1967-;
Anna Netrebko, Soprano, 1971-;
Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima,
Footballer, 1976-;
Patrick Schwarzenegger, Actor, 1993-.

People died today:
Domitian, Emperor, 51-96;
Constantine III, Emperor, ???-411;
Louis VII of France, 1120-1180;
Charles XV of Sweden, 1826-1872;
Frances Alda, Soprano, 1879-1952;
Benjamin Péret, Poet, 1899-1959;
Dag Hammarskjöld, Diplomat, 1905-1961;

Jimi Hendrix, Singer, 1942-1970;
Katherine Anne Porter,
Journalist, 1890-1980;

Jimmy Witherspoon, Singer, 1920-1997;
Lindsay Cooper, Musician, 1951-2013;
Joy Covey, Businesswoma
n, 1963-2013;

Marta Heflin, Actress, 1945-2013.

Today could be the day Scotland breaks up the Kingdom it united over 300 years ago... a selection of today's UK newspapers records the story.

After 22 years of successfully running All About Beer Magazine and creating the popular World Beer Festivals, Daniel Bradford, president of Chautauqua, Inc. announced the sale of his business to the newly formed All About Beer LLC, a Triangle-based company led by Christopher Rice. The newly formed company will retain its headquarters in Durham, and maintain editorial offices in New York and San Francisco. All About Beer Magazine was first published in 1979 to focus on the then growing influence of import beers and breweries in the United States and then over the years expanded to produce events and festivals.

Susan Glasser on Being Named POLITICO Editor: 
‘I am honored and totally blown away’

'Condé Nast Traveler has hired Glamour’s former fashion market director Sarah Meikle' says where she will hold the title of fashion director. For more, click here.

The New Republic has announced that it has appointed Guy Vidra as Chief Executive Officer effective next month. The appointment of Mr. Vidra signals a new focus and commitment to digital platforms for The New Republic. The New Republic owner Chris Hughes said, “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our centennial than by bringing in a new entrepreneurial, future-focused leader like Guy Vidra and Mr. Vidra said “The New Republic is a storied brand with an intensely loyal audience. I am eager to develop new products, push into new categories, and experiment with new approaches."

Pink Slips to Fly at Parade after Sale of Magazine

'Venture Publishing's Alberta Venture and Alberta Oil magazines' 50,000-plus subscriber list is now the responsibility of the Oyster Group a Dartmouth company that helps publications grow its readership' reports and for more details, cliquez ici.

Scotland votes to see if it will take
the high road, or the low road.
The Scottish editor of the Daily Telegraph has denied he has been promised £20,000 if Scotland votes against independence.
India and China sign 12 agreements, one of which will see China investing $20bn in India's infrastructure over five years.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been diagnosed with a "fairly aggressive" rare cancer, doctors treating him say.
Police have carried out anti-terror raids in Sydney sparked by intelligence reports that Islamic extremists were planning random killings in Australia.
Country music star George Hamilton IV has died in Nashville, Tennessee, he was 77.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko begins visit to the US to seek further support.

The Duchess of Cambridge will not travel to Malta for her first official solo overseas visit because of acute morning sickness.
Hollyoaks has revealed the identity of the hit-and-run
driver who caused the crash that killed Sam and Danny Lomax.
Ben Affleck has admitted he did learn to count blackjack cards.
London Underground plan to reduce staff numbers at 216 out of the 270 London stations.

Sep 17th 2014

Today in History: 1787: The United States Constitution is signed in Philadelphia; 1861: Battle of Pavón is fought; 1957: Malaysia joins the United Nations. Holidays and Observances: Heroes' Day (Angola); Operation Market Garden, (Netherlands).

Day 260 there are 105 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Charles the Simple, 879-929;
Maria Luisa of Savoy, 1688-1714;
Frank Dawson Adams,
Geologist, 1859-1942;
James Alexander Calder,
Politician, 1868-1956;
Dinah Sheridan, Actress, 1920-2012;
Hank Williams, Singer, 1923-1953;
Roddy McDowall, Actor, 1928-1998;
Pat Crowley, Actress, 1929-;
Stirling Moss, Race car driver; 1929-;
Anne Bancroft, Actress, 1931-2005;
Des Lynam, Journalist, 1942-;
Bruce Spence, Actor, 1945-;
John Ritter, Actor, 1948-2003;

Rita Rudner, Comedian, 1953-;
Mandawuy Yunupingu, Singer, 1956-2013;
Damon Hill, Race car driver, 1960-;
Kyle Chandler, Actor, 1965-.

People died today:
Hildegard of Bingen, Mystic, 1098-1179;
Philip IV of Spain, 1605-1665;
Henry Fox Talbot,
Photographer, 1800-1877;
Richard Basehart, Actor, 1914-1984;
Laura Ashley, Designer, 1925-1985;

Hilde Gueden, Soprano, 1917-1988;

Spiro Agnew, Politician, 1918-1996;
Red Skelton, Comedian, 1913-1997;
Paula Yates, TV host, 1959-2000;

Melvin Charney, Sculptor, 1935-2012.

The FMA have changed their name to The Media and Content Marketing Association, a mouthful P.T. Barnum probably would not have approved of. Says Bill Mickey at 'The merger and subsequent rebranding are in response to dwindling memberships.' The name change comes 'after a merger between the FMA and the National Trade Circulation Foundation Inc. earlier this spring.' The NTCFI changed its name from NBCA before disappearing completely, a fate the FMA or MCMA may wish not to emulate.

Parade magazine 'is about to be sold to Athlon Media' reports Keith J. Kelly at the New York Post. The magazine, found inside many of the nation's Sunday newspapers has a circulation of 32,000,000. Notes Mr. Kelly 'Athlon, whose American Profile is the No. 3 player in the Sunday insert market' with a circulation of 12,000,000. For more information, click here.

D.B. Hebbard at says 'many regional magazines have begun growing their ‘verified’ circulation levels to compensate for falling subscription and single copy sales, while ignoring digital as an alternative approach' - as usual, D.B is not wrong. For more insight, click here.

South Korean authorities say they have detained an American man they believe was trying to swim to North Korea.
Tropical storm Odile is moving to Arizona.
Ukraine to vet officials for loyalty.
Voting ends in the first election in Fiji since former military ruler Frank Bainimarama took power in a coup in 2006.
British actor Jack Huston is expected to take the lead role in a remake of 1959 classic Ben-Hur.
Drivers have been warned against the potential dangers of using a smartwatch while driving. UK jobless rate falls to 2008 low.
Actors Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have become parents.
King Richard III was probably killed by two blows to the head during a "sustained attack", according to new research.
London’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks display will now cost
£10 ($16) a ticket, London mayor Boris Johnson has announced.

Sep 16th 2014

Today in History: 1919: The American Legion is incorporated; 1966: The Metropolitan Opera House opens at Lincoln Center; 1980: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines join the United Nations. Holidays and Observances: Independence Day, Papua New Guinea; Malaysia Day, Malaysia, Singapore; Heroes' Day, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Day 259 there are 106 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Henry V of England
, 1386-1422;
Pedro V of Portugal, 1837-1861;
Bonar Law, Politician, 1858-1923;
Guy Hamilton, Director, 1922-;
Lee Kuan Yew, Politician, 1923-;
Charles Haughey, Politician, 1925-2006;
B.B. King, Singer, 1925-;
Lady Gwen Thompson,
Author, 1928-1986;
Anne Francis, Actress , 1930-2011;
Cathee Dahmen, Model, 1946-1997;
Rosemary Casals, Tennis player, 1948-;
Ed Begley, Jr., Actor, 1949-;
Janet Ellis, Actress, 1955-;
David Copperfield, Magician, 1956-;
Jayne Brook, Actress, 1960-;
Richard Marx, Singer, 1963-;
Claudia Marx, Runner, 1978-;
Fanny, Singer, 1979-;
Kirsty Coventry, Swimmer, 1983-;
Katie Melua, Singer, 1984-;
Madeline Zima, Actress, 1985-.

People died today:
Flavius Valerius Severus,
Emporer, ???-307;
Pope Martin I, ???-655;
Pope Victor, 1026-1087;
Antipope Clement VII, 1342-1394;
James II of England, 1633-1701;
Louis XVIII of France, 1755-1824;
Fred Quimby, Animator, 1886-1965;
Marc Bolan, Singer, 1947-1977;

Maria Callas, Soprano, 1923

Mary Travers, Singer, 1936-2009.

'In a few weeks' says Kara Swisher at 'a new content effort called California Sunday Magazine will debut aimed at publishing, “thoughtful, reported features and beautiful photography and illustrations set in California, the West, Asia, and Latin America, for a national audience,” of a demographic of 25- to 45-year-olds.' But, the magazine is going to to something quite amazing... click here for more.

Forbes magazine formerly controlled by the family that bears the magazine name is controlled by the family no more. 'The Asian investors who are taking over a majority stake in Forbes Media finalized the deal last Friday, officially ending 97 years of family control' says Keith J. Kelly at So far, so good, no real changes although that may happen when CEO Mike Perlis flies 'to Hong Kong this week to meet the new owners.' For more, click here.

Le magazine Ricado maintenant en anglais! (Or something like that!) 164 pages and over 50 autumnal recipes have arrived in English as the 'French edition of the publication launched 12 years ago' goes bilingual. Says the report on 'Ricardo magazine will feature the opinions of lifestyle experts and include sections like Ricardo For Kids, Weekday Wonders and Safe Eats—a section for Canadians with dietary restrictions—in every issue.' For more, click here.

Ukraine rebels to get self-rule.
President Obama is to announce plans to send 3,000 troops to Liberia to help fight the Ebola virus
Six police killed in Egypt bombing
Nato troops killed in Kabul bombing
A 65 year-old woman from Bangkok has killed
herself by jumping into a pit of crocodiles at a reptile farm
Both sides in the Scottish independence referendum debate
have seized on a pledge by the three main Westminster
parties to devolve more powers.
George Clooney to receive honorary Globe.
Cat Stevens to play US concerts.
Daryl Hannah is Neil Young's new girlfriend.
The US carries out an air strike in support of Iraqi troops under attack by Islamic State.

Sep 15th 2014

Today in History: 1830: The Liverpool to Manchester railway line opens; 1835: HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin aboard, reaches the Galápagos Islands; 1940: The climax of the Battle of Britain. Holidays and Observances: Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Guatemala (a Patriotic Day), El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica from Spain in 1821.

Day 258 there are 107 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Marco Polo, Traveller, 1254-1324;
Titus Oates, Minister, 1649-1705;
Prince Sigismund of Prussia, 1864-1866
Robert Benchley, Actor, 1889-1945;
Fay Wray, Gorilla-hag; 1907-2004;
Creighton Abrams, General, 1914-1974;
Nipsey Russell, Comedian, 1918-2005;
Snooky Pryor,
Harmonica player, 1921-2006;
Mary Soames, Baroness
Soames, 1922-2014;
Forrest Compton, Actor, 1925-;
Erika Köth, Soprano, 1927-1981;
Carmen Maura, Actress, 1945-;
Jessye Norman, Soprano, 1945-;

Oliver Stone, Director, 1946-;
Maggie Reilly, Singer, 1956-;
Queen Letizia of Spain, 1972-;
Prince Daniel,
Duke of Västergötland, 1973-;

Prince Henry of Wales, 1984-;
Heidi Montag, Model, 1986-.

People died today:
John Morton, Cardinal, 1420-1500;
George Stepney, Poet, 1663-1707;
Sarah Knox Taylor,
Wife of Jefferson Davis, 1814-1835;
Isambard Kingdom Brunel,
Engineer, 1806-1859;
Jumbo, Elephant, 1861-1885;

June Salter, Actress, 1932-2001;
Raymond Baxter,
Television host, 1922-2006;

Brett Somers, Actress, 1924-2007;

K. S. Sudarshan, Nationalist, 1931-2012.

Forbes has announced it is to digitize 'the entire Forbes back file with content from 1917 to 2000' says a report on Forbes's web site. EBSCO Information Services is the company chosen to do this and says EBSCO Senior Vice President of Product Management, Michael Laddin “The agreement with Forbes allows EBSCO to provide researchers unrivaled electronic access to the world’s top business news in a fully searchable archive of one of the preeminent business magazines ever published" - so there! For more, click here.

Dr. Oz The Good Life editor-in-chief Jill Herzig has let us all in on her new hires at the magazine. Jacelyn Steinberg, Miranda Van Gelder, Bruce Perez and Maria Masters are all moving to the magazine which increases its frequency at the end of this year.

Lucia Moses at notes that The California Sunday Magazine ' is taking content marketing to a new place' - guess where? Go on - guess! To find out, click here.

'Cody Groth and Jenn Bodnar co-founded the digital magazine Yoga Digest and expect to print their first magazine, aimed at yoga practitioners at all levels, in November. They are convinced that there remains demand for a paper-and-ink product.' For more, click here.

Scotland’s Sunday Herald is the only newspaper in the UK to have declared backing for a Yes vote in the upcoming independence referendum.
Europe's largest newspaper publishers are reportedly considering taking legal action to the European Commission in regards to Google's dominance of the online search market.
A leading Scottish newspaper columnist has suggested a ‘Yes’ vote in Thursday’s independence referendum could boost the country’s “declining” press.
Microsoft to buy Minecraft for $2.5bn.
A Paris summit of 30 countries pledges to help Iraq fight Islamic State militants "by all means necessary".
N Korea jails US man for six years. US Navy calls off search for pilot.
The funeral of Ian Paisley has taken place.
Hurricane Odile hits Mexico coast.

Kim Dotcom accuses New Zealand government of mass spying.

Two British tourists have been killed in an attack on a
beach on the island of Koh Tao in southern Thailand

Sep 12th 2014

Today in History: 1609: Henry Hudson begins his exploration of the Hudson River; 1848: Elizabeth Barrett elopes with Robert Browning; 1890: Salisbury, Rhodesia, is founded. Holidays and Observances: Day of Conception (Russia); National Day (Cape Verde).

Day 255 there are 110 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Guillaume Le Gentil,
Astronomer, 1725-1792;
Carl Eytel, Painter, 1862-1925;
H. L. Mencken, Journalist, 1880-1956;
Desmond Llewelyn, Actor, 1914-1999;
Frank McGee, Journalist, 1915-1974;
Mathé Altéry, Soprano, 1927-;
Freddie Jones, Actor, 1927-;
Ian Holm, Actor, 1931-;
George Jones, Singer, 1931-2013;
Patrick Mower, Actor, 1940-;
Maria Muldaur, Singer, 1943-;
Barry White, Singer, 1944-2003;
Maria Aitken, Actress, 1945-;

Irina Rodnina, Figure skater, 1949-;
Gerry Beckley, Singer, 1952-;
Rachel Ward, Actress, 1957-;
Jason Statham, Actor , 1967-;

Bizzy Bone, Rapper, 1976-;
Chelsea Carey, Curler, 1984-.

People died today:
Peter II of Aragon, 1174-1213;
Robert Ross, General, 1766-1814;
Jules Violle, Physicist, 1841-1923;
John Qualen, Actor, 1899-1987;
Athene Seyler, Actress, 1889-1990;

Raymond Burr, Actor, 1917-1993;
Jeremy Brett, Actor, 1933-1995;

Johnny Cash, Musician, 1932-2003;
Whobegotyou, Race horse, 2005-2012;

Dr. Ian Paisley, Politician, 1926-2014,
John Bardon, Actor, 1939-2014.

'If readers won’t pay for this month’s latest tablet magazine, will they put their hand in their pocket for a title’s entire back-issue archive?' That is the question is asking, and at least one magazine, which has 'has digitized all 1,000 editions of its legacy, comprising 110,000 pages' is about to find out. For more, click here.

'R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company announced yesterday 'that it has been awarded a $60 million multi-year agreement by Crain Communications' reports 'All 15 U.S.-based Crain publications including Advertising Age, Automotive News and Business Insurance' will move. For more, click here.

Former Democratic Unionist Party leader Dr. Ian Paisley has died, he was 88 years old.
Oscar Pistorius is found guilty of culpable homicide.
CIA triples its highest estimate for the number of fighters with Islamic State
Armed teacher wounds herself in restroom with gun.
John Kerry in Turkey for IS talks.
Actor Sir Donald Sinden has died at his home following a long illness, aged 90.
Argentina's Congress passes a bill designed to defy a US court ruling that pushed the country into default in July
UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said he thinks the Queen should intervene in the Scottish independence referendum.
Television viewing on iPads and Android tablet devices is set to be measured for the first time

Sep 11th 2014

Today in History: 1609: Henry Hudson discovers Manhattan Island; 1919: U.S. Marines invade Honduras; 1931: Salvatore Maranzano is murdered by Lucky Luciano's hitmen; 1954: Hurricane Edna hits New England. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 254 there are 111 days remaining this year.

People born today:
William Boyce, Composer, 1711-1779;
John Ireland, Archbishop, 1838-1918;
O. Henry, Author, 1862-1910;
D. H. Lawrence, Author, 1885-1930;
Alvar Lidell, Journalist, 1908-1981;
Queen Paola of Belgium, 1937-;
Brian De Palma, Director, 1940-;
Anne Ramsay, Actress, 1960-;
Virginia Madsen, Actress, 1961-;

Princess Akishino of Japan, 1966-;
Taraji P. Henson, Actress, 1970-;

Benson Stanley, Rugby player
, 1984-.

People died today:
Jan Smuts, Politician, 1870-1950;
Lorne Greene, Actor, 1915-1987;
Peter Tosh, Singer, 1944-1987;
David Angell, Producer, 1946-2001;
Todd Beamer, Salesman, 1968-2001;
Wilson Flagg, Admiral, 1938-2001;
Mychal Judge, Priest, 1933-2001;
and 2,992 others, ????-2001;

John Ritter, Actor, 1948-2003;

Pat Corley, Bar Owner, 1930-2006;
Kevin McCarthy, Actor, 1914-2010;
Virgil A. Richard, General, 1937-2013.

'Man of the World, the men’s fashion and art magazine, is going through major changes' says Randall Mesdon and Enrico Pirondi have already left and are planning to 'launch a yet-to-be named biannual publication at Art Basel that will cater to a younger audience.' Other writers, editors and photographers are expected to join Messrs. Mesdon and Pirondi - for more, click here.

Kate Lanphear, former Style Director at T: The New York Times Style Magazine and Elle, is joining Maxim as Editor-in-Chief.

“I am thrilled at this opportunity to join Maxim as the brand embarks on a new chapter,” says Lanphear. “I hope to cultivate and broaden Maxim’s coverage of style and culture. It’s an exciting time for this boldly confident, unapologetic brand."

Maxim magazine publishes 15 editions and is sold in 70 countries worldwide.

'Macworld, one of the oldest magazines for fans of Apple's products, has shut down its print operation and laid off an unspecified number of staffers' reports USA Today. The publication will continue online, but with a reduced staff. 'IDG wouldn't comment on how many employees have been let go' says Michael Rondon at but 'Jason Snell, SVP and editorial director of IDG Consumer & SMB, and Dan Miller, editor of Macworld, have announced they're leaving the company.' For more, click here.

Neal Vitale Stepping Down as 1105 CEO

'The glossy fashion magazine is not dead' scribes Gideon Spanier at as 'Hello! Fashion Monthly, a spin-off of celebrity weekly Hello!, launched this week.' Styles as 'HFM' cover price is just a £1 which is not bad for 148 pages that are bound together and not stitched. So why print and not just digital? Juliet Herd says research showed their target age of 18-34 showed "digital fatigue." For more, click here.

The Scotsman newspaper has declared in favor of a No vote in the Scottish independence referendum.
Oscar Pistorius cleared of murder charges but the possibility of a manslaughter verdict remains.
Actor Richard Kiel, who played the villain Jaws in two James Bond films, has died aged 74.
S Korea 'to double cigarette price'.
The Royal Bank of Scotland confirms it will relocate its registered headquarters to London if Scotland votes for independence next week
Tumor 'diagnosis' for Toronto mayor Rob Ford.
Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez appears in court in Caracas, charged with inciting violence
Russia reduces gas exports to Poland.
Research suggests there may be a link between a rare blood type and memory problems in later life.
Facebook is testing a feature that allows users to set their published posts to be deleted at a specific time.
Football club San Lorenzo to name stadium after Pope.
Shia LaBeouf pleads guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct.
Barack Obama has authorized air strikes in Syria.
Clinic denies Joan Rivers biopsy claims.

Sep 10th 2014

Today in History: 1515: Thomas Wolsey is invested as a Cardinal; 1823: Simón Bolívar is named President of Peru; 1939: The submarine HMS Oxley is mistakenly sunk by the submarine HMS Triton near Norway and becomes the Royal Navy's first loss in World War 2. Holidays and Observances: National Day (Gibraltar).

Day 253 there are 112 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Nicholas Lanier, Singer, 1588-1666;
Maria Theresa of Spain, 1638-1683;
Henry Purcell, Composer, 1659-1695;
Jeppe Aakjær, Author, 1866-1930;
Ranjitsinhji, Cricketer, 1872-1933;
Hilda "H.D." Doolittle, Author, 1886-1961;
Hilde Hildebrand, Actress, 1897-1976;
Waldo Rudolph Wedel,
American archaeologist, 1908-1996;
Robert Wise, Director, 1914-2005;
Edmond O'Brien, Actor, 1915-1985;
Boris Tchaikovsky,
Composer, 1925-1996;
Arnold Palmer, Golfer, 1929-;
Karl Lagerfeld, Designer, 1933-;
Mary Oliver, Author, 1935-;
Cynthia Lennon, Author, 1939-;
Hans Sotin, Opera singer, 1939-;
Thomas Allen, Opera singer, 1944-;
Judy Geeson, Actress, 1948-;
Bill O'Reilly, Journalist, 1949-;
Kate Burton, Actress, 1957-;

Colin Firth, Actor, 1960-;
Guy Ritchie, Director, 1968-
Ryan Phillippe, Actor, 1974-;

Melanie Pullen, Photographer, 1975-;
Chandler Massey, Actor, 1990-.

People died today:
Baldwin II, Count of Flanders, 865-918;
Luzzasco Luzzaschi, Organist, 1545-1607;
Mary Wollstonecraft, Author, 1759-1797;

Charles III, Prince of Monaco, 1818-1889;
Empress Elisabeth of Austria, 1837-1898;

Balthazar Vorster, 1915-1983;
Jane Wyman, Actress, 1917-2007;

Cliff Robertson, Actor, 1923-2011.

Joe Pompeo at reports 'POLITICO is teaming up with the Berlin-based media company Axel Springer to launch a European edition.' Axel Springer is the owner of Bild and Die Welt newspapers as well as German editions of other magazines including Rolling Stone.

Axel Springer SE was founded in 1946 by Axel Springer and wants to become the leading digital publisher. Headquartered in Berlin, the company is active in more than 40 countries with subsidiaries, joint ventures, and licenses. Für weitere Informationen, klicken Sie hier.

Both Axel Springer and POLITICO have signed an agreement for a 50/50 joint venture. The new media company will be headquartered in Brussels.

It's official, we can no longer keep up with the comings, goings and changes at Condé Nast. 'In the latest move in the dizzying round of publisher changes, Condé Nast President Bob Sauerberg tapped former Say Media President Kim Kelleher as the new publisher of Wired' reports Keith J. Kelly at the New York Post. For more, click here.

Rupert Murdoch, the head of News Corp., owner of The Sun newspaper from the United Kingdom has suggested his famous topless Page 3 models 'should start wearing clothes.' Apparently Mr. Murdoch spread this news by Twitter saying 'topless models were "old fashioned", although he said the paper's readers "seem to disagree".' For more, click here.

William Alden at reports 'Thomson Reuters, the media and financial data company that caters to Wall Street deal makers, may be plotting some deals of its own.' The publications concerned include 'peHUB, Buyouts and Venture Capital Journal' says and notes one banker saying 'buyers could include Mergermarket, Bloomberg News and TheStreet.' For more, click here.

Venezuela's inflation hits 63.4%.
CO2 rises at fastest rate since 1984.
The co-founder of a home for retired circus elephants in the US state of Maine dies after one of the animals stepped on him

Long-term use of pills for anxiety and sleep problems may
be linked to Alzheimer's, research suggests.

Apple unveiled a watch.
One of two British explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic more than 160 years ago has been found
Google faces new stand-off in Europe.
A third of all bird species in the US are in decline.
Schumacher leaves hospital.
Someone called Sara Gilbert is pregnant.
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed 2,288 people, with half of them dying in the last three weeks
Chile's President Michelle Bachelet says a bomb attack which left 14 people injured in the capital Santiago was a "cowardly act of terrorism".
The Scottish referendum outcome is "too close to call"
Britain's new Ipso press regulator will aim to ensure journalists "work in a profession they are proud of", according to chairman Sir Alan Moses.

Sep 9th 2014

Today in History: 1543: Mary Stuart, at nine months old, is crowned "Queen of Scots; 1924: Hanapepe massacre occurs on Kauai, Hawaii; 1956: Elvis Presley appears on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. Holidays and Observances: Independence Day, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and Tajikistan; Chrysanthemum Day, Japan.

Day 252 there are 113 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Aurelian, Emperor, 214-275;
Honorius, Emperor, 384-423;
William Bligh, Admiral, 1754-1817;
Richard Chenevix Trench,
Archbishop, 1807-1886;
Miriam Licette, Soprano, 1885-1969;
James Hilton, Author, 1900-1954;
Bernard Bailyn, Author, 1922-;
Cliff Robertson, Actor, 1923-2011;

Shirley Summerskill, Politician, 1931-;
Margaret Tyzack, Actress, 1931-2011;

Otis Redding, Singer, 1941-1967;
Angela Cartwright, Actress, 1952-;

Hugh Grant, Actor, 1960-;
Julia Sawalha, Actress, 1968-;
Eric Stonestreet, Actor, 1971-;
Shane Battier, Basketball player, 1978-;
Graham Onions, Cricketer, 1982-.

People died today:
William the Conqueror, 1028-1087;
James I of Cyprus, 1334-1398;
Edward, King of Portugal , 1391-1438;
James IV of Scotland, 1473-1513;
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec,
French painter, 1864-1901;
John McGiver, Actor, 1913-1975;
Jack Warner, Producer, 1892-1978;
Norrie Paramor, Composer, 1914-1979;
Patrick O'Neal, Actor, 1927-1994;
Burgess Meredith, Actor, 1907-1997;

Catfish Hunter,
Baseball player, 1946-1999;
Elly Annie Schneider, Actress, 1914-2004;
John McCarthy, Footballer, 1989-2012;
Patricia Blair, Actress, 1933-2013;

Susan Fitzgerald, Actress, 1949-2013;

Shalom Yoran, Author, 1925-2013.

Meredith Corporation announced today that Allrecipes magazine will increase its rate base 40% to 900,000 from its current level of 650,000, beginning with the October/November 2014 issue which is the second rate base increase for Meredith's Allrecipes in 2014. It originally launched with a rate base of 500,000 in November 2013.

Michael Sebastian at reports 'Esquire magazine is putting "The Falling Man" -- Tom Junod's 2003 article about the photograph of a man falling from the World Trade Center -- behind an optional paywall and suggesting readers pay $2.99 to read it.' Any money gained will be donated to the James Foley Scholarship Fund at Marquette University. For more, click here.

'The London Review of Books comes to iOS, though in an expensive, buggy digital edition' reports D.B Hebbard at The problem seems to be the platform, called Le Sauce and is one that has existed for quite some time. For more, click here.

In Canada, 'BLD Publications has launched Curium, a new French-language magazine for 14-17 year olds.' 46,000 copies of the first issue went to press and there will be a total of 11 issues each year. Expect 'topics like science, sports, technology, the environment, social issues, ethics and the role of youth in society' to be covered.' The magazine will be distributed mainly in French speaking areas of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. For more, click the cover.

New Yorkers have fun and female New Yorkers are getting even more fun than their male counterparts, all due to Hearst! From yesterday Hearst started to hand 'out copies of its newest print product, a free weekly magazine called TrendingNY, at commuter hubs throughout the city' reports Emma Bazilian at It is a four week program with 50,000 copies being put out in the first few days of the week. For more, click here.

'Tom Morrissy, the chief revenue officer of Spin Media, is apparently out in a cost-cutting move after only five months on the job' says Keith J. Kelly at the New York Post but the news is not all bad for Mr. Morrissy, click here for more.

The US hails the new Iraqi government.
Penn State sex abuse penalty reduced.
Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed in east Ukraine after being hit by objects that "pierced the plane at high velocity".

Italian soprano Magda Olivero, has died at the age of 104 in Milan after a career spanning more than 70 years.

Scientists cast doubt on reports by the Nicaraguan government that a 5 metre-deep crater near Managua was caused by a meteorite.
Liberia 'faces huge Ebola surge'
Michael Palin has been confirmed as narrator for the new Clangers series
Poll says more Scots want to be independent from UK than want to stay.
Trump Taj Mahal owner files for bankruptcy,
may close casino in November.
Strikes to hit Heathrow on Friday.
Marin Cilic won the US Open
title with a 6-3 6-3 6-3 victory over Kei Nishikori.

Sep 5th 2014

Today in History: 1836: Sam Houston is elected as the first president of the Republic of Texas; 1972: "Black September" attack and take hostage 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 248 there are 117 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Louis XIV of France, 1638-1715;
Giacomo Meyerbeer,
Composer, 1791-1864;
Cornelius Vanderbilt III,
General, 1873-1942;
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan,
Philosopher, 1888-1975;
Justin Kaplan, Author, 1925-;
Bob Newhart, Comedian, 1929-;
Johnny Briggs, Actor, 1935-;
Dick Clement, Screenwriter, 1937-;
George Lazenby, 007, 1939-;
Raquel Welch, Actress , 1940-;

Kiyoshi Takayama, Mobster, 1947-;
Michael Keaton, Actor, 1951-;

Patti McGuire, Model, 1951-;
India Hicks, Model, 1967-.

People died today:
Authari, 540-590;
Clem Hill, Cricketer, 1877-1945;
Jane Roberts, Psychic, 1929-1984;
Gert Fröbe, Actor, 1913-1988;
Mother Teresa, Nun, 1910-1997;

Alan Clark, Politician, 1928-1999;
Ian Dick, Cricketer, 1926-2012;
John Oaksey, Jockey, 1929-2012.

'Nicky Middleton, publisher of Brainspace magazine will be making an appearance on the Rogers TV show, daytime with Jeff Moore' reports The magazine is quarterly and the segment will air towards the end of this month... oh and the subject - the use of augmented reality in print - sounds like a winner! Click the cover below for more.

Forbes Media Launches

Former governor of the US state of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, and his wife are convicted of corruption.
Comedian and TV host Joan Rivers has died in New York at the age of 81.
The US is forming a "core coalition" to battle Islamic State militants in Iraq, senior American officials have said.
British Ebola patient William Pooley has been discharged from hospital.
Third American with Ebola named.
Apple to tighten iCloud security.
The UK will contribute 1,000 personnel to a new multi-national rapid reaction force, David Cameron tells the Nato summit in Wales.
Imams across Scotland use Friday prayers to reiterate their opposition to extremism and call for all hostages to be released.
Roger Federer wins a thrilling five-set US Open quarter-final in New York.

Sep 4th 2014

Today in History: 1870: Emperor Napoleon III of France is deposed; 1948: Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands abdicates; 1972: Mark Spitz becomes the first competitor to win seven medals at a single Olympic Games. Holidays and Observances: Immigrant's Day, Argentina.

Day 247 there are 118 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Alexander III of Scotland, 1241-1286;
Job Orton, Minister, 1717-1783;
Sarah Childress Polk,
First Lady, 1803-1891;
Jennie Lee, Actress, 1848-1925;
Mickey Cohen, Mobster, 1913-1976;
Joan Aiken, Author, 1924-2004;
Dick York, Actor, Real Darrin, 1928-1992;
Mitzi Gaynor, Actress, 1931-;

Dinsdale Landen, Actor, 1932-2003;

Dawn Fraser, Swimmer, 1937-;
Joanna Van Gyseghem, Actress, 1941-;
Bob Jenkins, Sportscaster, 1947-;
Rishi Kapoor, Actor, 1952-;
Khandi Alexander, Actress, 1957-;
René Pape, Opera singer, 1964-;
Daisy Dee, Singer, 1970-;
Jonny Lomax, Rugby player, 1990-.

People died today:
Pope Boniface I, ???-426;
Joan of England,

Queen of Sicily, 1165-1199;
Edvard Grieg, Composer, 1843-1907;
Canuplin, Magician, 1904-1979;
Irene Dunne, Actress, 1898-1990;

Dottie West, Singer, 1932-1991;
Elizabeth Kata, Author, 1912-1998;
Moe Norman, Golfer, 1929-2004;
Steve Irwin, Zoologist, 1962-2006;

Michel Pagé, Politician, 1949-2013.

Mike Bloomberg is putting the Bloomberg back into Bloomberg as he 'is to take charge again of Bloomberg L.P., the financial data and media company giant he founded in 1981' reports Daniel L. Doctoroff, chief executive of the company and a longtime friend said “Mike is kind of like God at the company. He created the universe. He issued the Ten Commandments and then he disappeared. And then he came back. You have to understand that when God comes back, things are going to be different. When God reappeared, people defer.” Mr. Doctoroff is leaving the company. For more, click here.

Meanwhile, as the former Mayor prepares to enter the building, Catherine Taibi at says 'USA Today has begun a painful round of layoffs, the paper's owner confirmed Wednesday.' Half of the layoffs are from the newsroom including 'longtime pop music critic Edna Gundersen' who tweeted the news:

'Gannett announced in August that it would be spinning off its print and broadcast divisions into two separate companies' notes Ms. Taibi, for more, click here.

'The day after Condé Nast announced... it was selling Fairchild Fashion Media... the new owner, Jay Penske, held several meetings with staff members of its crown jewel publication, Women’s Wear Daily' reports Laura M. Holson at the New York Times. Mr. Penske also let staff know that he was expanding the global reach of the trade paper, improving the brand's online presence and keeping the management - oh, and he mentioned 'Fairchild lost $50 million in the last five years.' Not bad for a first day's work! For more, click here.

David Cassidy has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated.
David Cameron says he "doesn't rule anything out" in relation to military action against Islamic State.
Two UK researchers investigating the treatment of migrant workers' are missing' in Qatar.
Russia criticized at Nato talks.
Ebola death toll exceeds 1,900.
Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri announces the creation of an Indian branch of his militant group across South Asia.
Lesotho's prime minister returns home after fleeing to neighboring South Africa last week, alleging there had been a coup.
Director Andrew V McLaglen
has died aged 94.
Judy Finnigan returns to daytime TV.

Sep 3rd 2014

Today in History: 1189: Richard I of England is crowned at Westminster; 1658: Richard Cromwell becomes Lord Protector of England; 1939: France, the UK, New Zealand and Australia declare war on Germany. Holidays and Observances: Independence Day, Qatar; Flag day, Australia; Memorial Day, Tunisia.

Day 246 there are 119 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Paul Kane, Painter, 1810-1871;
Percy Chapman, Cricketer, 1900-1961;
John Mills, Cricketer, 1905-1972;
Alan Ladd, Actor, 1913-1964;

Anne Jackson, Actress, 1926-;
Basil Butcher, Cricketer, 1933;
Valerie Perrine, Actress, 1943-;

Merritt Butrick, Actor, 1959-1989;
Nigel Rhodes, Actor, 1964-;
Charlie Sheen, Actor, 1965-;

Trevor St. John, Actor, 1971-;
Ashley Jones, Actress, 1976-;
Tiffany Chapman, Actress, 1979-;
Sarah Burke, Skier, 1982-2012;
Scott Carson, Footballer, 1985-.

People died today:
Sun Xiu, Emperor, 235-264;
Robert Stewart,
Duke of Albany, 1340-1420;
Oliver Cromwell, General, 1599-1658;

Marika Kotopouli, Actress, 1887-1954;
Isabel Withers, Actress, 1896-1968;
John Lester, Cricketer, 1871-1969;
Karin Molander, Actress, 1889-1978;
Alec Waugh, Author, 1898-1981;
Frank Capra, Director, 1897-1991;
Emily Kame Kngwarreye,
Painter, 1910-1996;
William Rehnquist, Lawyer, 1924-2005;
Jane Tomlinson, Runner, 1964-2007;

Charlie Rose, Politician, 1939-2012.

'One of America’s last remaining major newspaper dynasties ended' yesterdays reports Tom McCarthy at inasmuch as Katharine Weymouth the publisher of The Washington Post 'parted ways.' Her departure is less than a year since Amazon owner (the web site, not the river, [but give him a few more days...]). Her replacement notes Tom is 'Frederick J Ryan Jr, a former senior adviser to President Reagan and a founding editor of Politico, the Washington-based, politics-devoted media outlet.' For more, click here.



publication Life in Québec has
named former
Global News researcher
and writer
Jason Enlow
as its new
Editor' reports For more,
cliquez ici.


Monocle has announced it has sold a minority stake to Nikkei Inc., a financial news company based in Japan. Monacle is based in London, for more, click here.

'Paying for traffic: the end of the last taboo? We’re talking about paying for editorial promotion on Facebook, of course' says Lucia Moses at Some do it, some don't and some say they don't, but they do... but so what? Ms. Moses says 'this is nothing new... publishers have always paid to assemble an audience' and she is certainly right in that. Social media ignoring the fact that it is not that social is certainly on the rise and notes Lucia 'the rise of social media has made publishers more dependent on Facebook to reach an audience' which means as long as Facebook lives, publishers live - or do they? Click here for more.

Lots of changes in various forms at Condé Nast recently, but good news as 'Condé Nast has named Gina Sanders president of global development' reports Alexandra Steigrad at Ms. Sanders was at Fairchild, which got sold by Condé Nast to Penske Media, but now she is back. For more, click here.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber is charged with assault and dangerous driving after crashing his quad bike into a minivan.
An Islamic State video purporting to show the beheading of Steven Sotloff, a US journalist abducted by the group, is authentic.
Secret Madeleine McCann report finds competing British forces hampered inquiry.
Parents of sick boy Ashya King freed from Spanish prison after UK prosecutors withdraw arrest warrant.
Japan tackles dengue fever outbreak. Ebola response 'lethally inadequate' Hospitals seeing more skin cancer. BoJo island is no go island.
President Obama says "justice will be served" on militants who beheaded journalist Steven Sotloff
British Ebola patient 'discharged'
Ukraine's President Poroshenko says he has agreed with Russian President Putin in telephone talks on a "cease fire process" for the east.
Joan Rivers remains on life support.
The mayor of the French city of Calais threatens to block the port unless Britain does more to control the rising number of illegal migrants.

Sep 2nd 2014

Today in History: 1666: The Great Fire of London breaks out; 1935: Labor Day Hurricane of 1935; 1963: CBS Evening News becomes U.S. network television's first half-hour weeknight news broadcast. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 245 there are 120 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Liliuokalani of Hawaii, 1838-1917;
Woldemar Voigt, Physicist, 1850-1919;
Lily Poulett-Harris, Cricketer, 1873-1897;
Bill Shankly, Footballer, 1913-1981;
Marge Champion, Actress, 1919-;
Victor Spinetti, Actor, 1929-2012;
Derek Fowlds, Actor, 1937-;
Mary Jo Catlett, Actress, 1938-;
Rosalind Ashford, Singer, 1943-;
Moira Stuart, Journalist, 1949-;

Rosanna DeSoto, Actress, 1950-;
Mark Harmon, NCIS agent, 1951-;

Jimmy Connors, Tennis player, 1952-;
Keanu Reeves, Actor, 1964-;

Salma Hayek, Actress, 1966-;
Chris Tremlett, Cricketer, 1981-;
Shayla Worley, Gymnast, 1990-.

People died today:
Dawit II of Ethiopia, 1501-1540;
Jiaqing Emperor of China, 1760-1820;
Henri Rousseau, Painter, 1844-1910;
Ho Chi Minh, Politician, 1890-1969;
Mabel Vernon, Activist, 1883-1975;

Roy Castle, Entertainer, 1932-1994;

Troy Donahue, Actor, 1936-2001;

Valérie Benguigui, Actress, 1965-2013;
David Jacobs, Presenter, 1926-2013.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married recently and People magazine will be the magazine publishing the pictures from "the intimate Aug. 23 ceremony – attended by just 20 friends and family members." Scribes 'the wedding photos from the surprise Aug. 23 nuptials... will be in the Sept. 15 issue of People magazine, which goes on sale Wednesday. For those of you who cannot wait, here is the cover.

Talking of weddings... what the world currently needs is yet another magazine devoted to couples' nuptials... so step up Hearst Magazines U.K. who next week will be launching 'Elle Wedding' on unsuspecting UK newsstands. Says Lorelei Marfil at the '200-page issue... will span content on bridal beauty, fashion, accessories, travel and wedding planning inspiration' which sounds pretty much like most other wedding publications to us, but what do we know! For more, click here.

'The parents of two former schoolmates of Kendrick Johnson's have filed a $5 million slander and libel lawsuit in federal court against the publisher of Ebony magazine and writer Frederic Rosen' reports For more, click here.

Louise Blouin seems to have upset India... not all of it you understand, just the people she seemingly has not paid. Keith J. Kelly, reporter at the New York Post says the so called Red Queen (she loves red apparently!) 'has found a way to lower costs even more for her art world mini publishing empire.' And notes Mr. Kelly there 'are at least 68 unpaid writers and other vendors in India and elsewhere with amounts owed ranging from $300 to $200,000.' This comes from a source that prefers to remain anonymous... for more, click here.

'DC Thomson is set to launch a new monthly children’s magazine, 110% Gaming' says William Turvill at 'aimed at eight- to 12-year-olds, will focus on multiplatform gaming and entertainment.' Gareth Whelan is the editor and says "our research showed a gap in the market for an age-appropriate gaming title and we’re confident that 110% Gaming will appeal to kids and to their parents." For more, click here.

Cee Lo Green, the singer of Crazy, has deleted his Twitter account after he caused a storm by suggesting it is only rape if the woman is awake to object.
First openly gay NFL player dropped.
Google 'discourages' users of old browsers
Uber banned across Germany by court.
X Factor saw its audience drop by a million in a day.
The FBI looks into allegations that the online accounts of celebrities have been hacked.
The deputy prime minister calls for the parents of five-year-old brain tumor patient Ashya King to be freed from custody and reunited with their son.
The White House says securing the release of three American citizens detained in North Korea is a "top priority"
Jimi Jamison, the lead singer for US rock band Survivor has died, he was aged 63.

Garant Media Holding has partnered with the National Geographic Society to launch the local-language edition of National Geographic magazine in Azerbaijan.

The Clacton by-election will be held on October 9, Prime Minister David Cameron's birthday.

Aug 28th 2014

Today in History: 1609: Henry Hudson discovers Delaware Bay; 1789: William Herschel discovers a new moon of Saturn; 1879: Cetshwayo, last king of the Zulus, is captured by the British. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 240 there are 125 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, 1691 –1750;
Charlotte Christine of Brunswick-
Lüneburg, 1694–1715;
Sheridan Le Fanu, Author, 1814-1873;
Matilda Howell, Archer, 1859-1938;
Charles Boyer, Actor, 1899-1978;
John Betjeman, Poet, 1906-1984;
Robert Irving, Conductor, 1913-1991;
Max Robertson, Sportscaster, 1915-2009;
Nancy Kulp, Actress, 1921-1991;

Donald O'Connor, Actor, 1925-2003;
Windsor Davies, Actor, 1930-;
Ben Gazzara, Actor, 1930-;
Ken Jenkins, Actor, 1940-;
David Soul, Actor, 1943-;

Guy Nadon, Actor, 1952-;
Scott Hamilton, Figure skater, 1958-;
Emma Samms, Actress, 1960-;
Jennifer Coolidge, Actress, 1963-;
Shania Twain, Singer, 1965-;
Jason Priestley, Actor, 1969-;

Janet Evans, Swimmer, 1971-;
Sarah Roemer, Actress, 1984-;
Caleb Moore,
Snowmobile racer, 1987-2013;
Quvenzhané Wallis, Actress, 2003-.

People died today:
Magnus Maximus, Emperor, 335-388;
Augustine of Hippo, Theologian, 354-430;
David Hartley, Philosopher, 1705-1757;
Helen Dunbar, Actress, 1863-1933;

Boris III of Bulgaria, 1894-1943;
Prince William of Gloucester, 1941-1972;
Robert Shaw, Actor, 1927-1978;
Ruth Gordon, Actress, 1896-1985;

Jean Marchand, Politician, 1918-1988;
Earl W. Bascom,
Rodeo performer, 1906-1995;
George Szekeres,
Mathematician, 1911-2005;

Esther Szekeres,
Mathematician, 1910-2005;
Wayne Tippit, Actor, 1932-2009;
Barry Stobart, Footballer, 1938-2013;
Lorella Cedroni, Philosopher, 1961-2013.

The debut issue of GQ Thailand is on sale now where the September issue launch cover is triple fold, featuring six celebrities from...erm... Thailand! There are interviews with a Thai hip hop singer and a Thai actor and filmmaker. GQ Thailand is published under licence agreement with Serendipity Media Co. Ltd, who also publish Vogue Thailand

'Faith Today has undergone a redesign with the help of Janice Van Eck- an editorial, corporate and magazine designer who has worked for publications including Maclean’s and MoneySense' reports,. For more, click a cover.

'Celebrity weekly publisher Bauer Media U.S. has created a new division within the company focused on the publisher’s digital assets' scribes Erik Sass at and it is aimed says Erik at 'expanding its online offerings.' In addition it 'will develop new products catering to the rapidly changing media consumption habits of teens and young adults.' For more, click here.

Yours magazine celebrates 40 years of magazines with guest editor and cover star Lynda Bellingham. For more, click here.

Pressure is growing on South Yorkshire's police commissioner to resign in the wake of a damning report into child abuse in Rotherham.
The number of people looking for work in France rises 0.8% in July.
Eating tomatoes may lower the risk of prostate cancer.
IS accused of Syria mass atrocities.
Controversial beheading photo posts from Syria spur one of Facebook's safety advisers to call for pictures to have warnings.
Banksy sale raises £400k for club.
Burger King acquires Tim Hortons.
Waterproof e-reader launched for bath time bookworms.
Someone called Sarah Silverman took Mary Arna to the Emmys, sorry, make that marijuana to Emmys.
America's second biggest internet service provider announced national outages Wednesday morning
American Airlines pulls airfare listings from Orbitz over fee dispute.
FBI probe JP Morgan 'cyber-attack'
Russian troops deployed in Ukraine.
Brad and Angelina are man and wife - Brad's the man!
Film-maker and Emmy-winning journalist,
William Greaves, has died in New York at the age of 87.

Aug 27th 2014

Today in History: 1933: The first Afrikaans Bible is introduced during a Bible Festival in Bloemfontein; 2011: Hurricane Irene strikes the United States east coast. Holidays and Observances: Independence Day, Moldova.

Day 249 there are 126 days remaining this year.

People born today:
George, Duke of Saxony, 1471-1539;
Ivan Franko, Author, 1856-1916;
Hong Beom-do, Activist, 1868-1943;
Man Ray, Photographer, 1890-1976;
Cecil Scott Forester, Author, 1899-1966;
Ed Gein, Murderer, 1906-1984;
Lyndon B. Johnson, Politician, 1908-1973;
David Rowbotham, Journalist, 1924-2010;
Nat Lofthouse, Footballer, 1925-2011;
Pat Coombs, Actress, 1926-2002;

Antonia Fraser, Author, 1932-;
Harrison Page, Actor, 1941-;
Tuesday Weld, Actress, 1943-;
G.W. Bailey, Actor, 1944-;
Barbara Bach, Actress, 1947-;

Bernhard Langer, Golfer, 1957-;
Yolanda Adams, Singer, 1961-;
Scott Dibble, Politician, 1965-;

Jazz, Wrestler, 1973-;
Mase, Rapper, 1977-;
Cainan Wiebe, Actor, 1995-.

People died today:
Josquin des Prez, Composer, 1450-1521;
Titian, Painter, 1488-1577;
Frank Harris, Journalist, 1856-1931;
Gracie Allen, Actress, 1895-1964;

Brian Epstein, Manager, 1934-1967;
Ivy Compton-Burnett,
Author, 1884-1969;
Margaret Bourke-White,

Photographer, 1906-1971;
Haile Selassie, Emperor, 1892-1975;
Mukesh, Singer, 1923-1976;
Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten

of Burma, 1900-1979;
Seán Purcell, Footballer, 1929-2005;
Mark Priestley, Actor, 1970-2008;

Bill Peach, Journalist, 1935-2013;
Dave Thomas, Golfer, 1934-2013.

This is either a really stupid idea, or really clever, we are just not sure which! Reports Lisa O'Carroll at 'the clattering of manual typewriters can be heard in the newsroom of the Times newspaper' in merry olde London in merry olde England. But - (you knew it was coming!) there is not a typewriter in sight. Says LIsa 'the ersatz sounds ringing out at the newspaper's shiny new offices at the Baby Shard in south-east London are being piped in through a loudspeaker in the middle of the newsroom. The sound effects are an experimental "playful idea" introduced by News UK.' Thoughts seems to be divided as to whether this is helpful or not, and of course many are wondering "what is a typewriter?" Mind you, it's not new, 1010 WINS a news station out of New York City has a background noise of typewriters, often quite soothing when cruising up I95 to Rhode Island. For more, click here.

Condé Nast has seen many changes over the last few months... spinning off not-so-Lucky magazine, selling Women's Wear Daily and of course staff changes worthy of a major government reshuffle.

Through all of this though, 'one thing is clear: Condé Nast president Bob Sauerberg has a bigger brief than he did at the start of the season, and the odds on his being named CEO Chuck Townsend's successor look shorter than ever' so says Nicole Levy at, click here for more of her thoughts.

'Alanna Stang, who was editor-in-chief of Whole Living until it was closed by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in 2012, has landed at Spanfeller Media’s The Daily Meal' reports Keith J. Kelly at the New York Post, for more, click here.

'Luxury accessories e-commerce destination The Editorialist is launching its second print issue' reports Rachel Strugatz at and they have also unveiled a web site redesign. For more, click on the cover.

'Florida Realtor, the Business Magazine of Florida Real Estate and monthly trade publication of Florida Realtors®, recently won eight awards in the 2014 Florida Magazine Association's (FMA) competition. Under design excellence, Florida Realtor won a Charlie Award, the competition's top honor or gold standard, for Best Overall Design in its Trade/Technical category. It won a Silver Award or second place for Best Cover (June 2013 issue) and also a Bronze Award or third place for Best Cover (April 2013).' For more, click here.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage selected by local party as candidate to stand in South Thanet in 2015 general election.
The Vatican says it has stripped Jozef Wesolowski of his diplomatic immunity, clearing the way for him to face sex abuse allegations in the Dominican Republic.
Long-term Gaza cease fire agreed.
Australian billionaire Clive Palmer apologizes for calling the Chinese government "mongrels"
Burundi sets up an investigation after a number of dead bodies wrapped in plastic were found floating in a lake on its border with Rwanda.
Hollande names new French cabinet.
Kate Bush has played her first concert in 35 years to an ecstatic response from fans.
London mayor Boris Johnson is seeking to become Conservative candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip at next year's British general election.
A nine-year-old girl kills her shooting instructor by accident while being shown how to use an Uzi submachine gun. Air New Zealand in 30% earnings jump.
Concerns grow over Iceland volcano.
Former Condé Nast executive Suzanne Grimes is out as president and chief operating officer of Clear Channel Outdoor.

Aug 26th 2014

Today in History: 1498: Michelangelo is commissioned to carve the Pietà; 1768: Captain James Cook sets sail from England on board HMS Endeavour; 1944: Charles de Gaulle enters Paris. Holidays and Observances: Heroes' Day, Namibia; Repentance Day, Papua New Guinea.

Day 238 there are 127 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Ferdinand II of Naples, 1469-1496;
Robert Walpole, Politician, 1676-1745;
Princess Alexandra
of Bavaria, 1826-1875;
Mary Ann Nichols,

Ripper victim, 1845-1888;
Peggy Guggenheim,
Art collector, 1898-1979;
Gilly Flower, Actress, 1908-2001;

Mother Teresa, Missionary, 1910-1997;
Brant Parker, Illustrator, 1920-2007;
B. V. Doshi, Architect, 1927-;
Geraldine Ferraro, Politician, 1935-2011;

Jane Merrow, Actress, 1941-;
Steve Wright, Radio host, 1954-;
Allegra Huston, Author, 1964-;
Byron Lawson, Actor, 1968-;
Liam Botham, Rugby player, 1977-;

Big K.R.I.T., Rapper, 1986-;
Princess Maria Laura of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este, 1988-;
Danielle Savre, Actress, 1988-;
Dylan O'Brien, Actor, 1991-;
Hayley Hasselhoff, Actress, 1992-.

People died today:
Charles II, Count of Alençon, 1297-1346;
Louis I, Count of Flanders, 1304-1346;
Rudolph, Duke of Lorraine, 1320-1346;
John of Bohemia, 1296-1346;
Louis Philippe I of France, 1773-1850;
Lon Chaney, Actor, 1883-1930;

Ralph Vaughan Williams,

Composer, 1872-1958;
Francis Chichester, Sailor, 1901-1972;

Charles Lindbergh, Pilot, 1902-1974;

Lee Hays, Singer, 1914-1981;
Laura Branigan, Singer, 1957-2004;

Dominick Dunne, Journalist, 1925-2009;
A. K. Hangal, Actor, 1917-2012;
Gerard Murphy, Actor, 1928-2013.

The wonderfully named Nathan Lump 'is succeeding Nancy Novogrod as editor of Travel + Leisure magazine' reports Nicole Levy at Ms. Novogrod has spent 'more than two decades at the travel title's helm.' For more, click here.

'Britain’s longest serving editor is taking “early retirement” after 40 years in the chair' says His name is Drew Cochrane and he is editor of the Largs & Millport Weekly News and 'feels next month is the perfect time to step aside from the job, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of his appointment.' For more, click here.

'The owners of The Times of India and Economic Times amongst others' reports has 'forced its journalists to hand over the passwords for all their social media accounts' and apparently journalists' contracts mean they must comply! For more, click here.

It seems as though the new magazine 'Naturally, Danny Seo' has done rather well. Says a press release 'since its debut in mid-July, the lifestyle magazine has sold out at many retailers' and 'early sales figures show the magazine is posting strong sales at a range of key retailers, including Whole Foods' as well as Sprouts, Kroger, Walmart, Target, Safeway, Walgreens, and Barnes & Noble
Ben Harris, President of Harris Publications, said, "We are thrilled with the early performance" and says Ben Harris, President of Harris Publications, said, "We are thrilled with the early performance "It's simple: America is Naturally in love with being healthy and living green." For more, click here.

'The paid subscription, whether in print or online or on tablets, appears to be where newspaper executives are concentrating their efforts' says D.B Hebbard at which is not too surprising given the alarming disappearance of newsstand outlets. 'When tracking circulation levels through audit reports, the loss of single copy sales is obvious' and 'few newspapers have been immune to the declines.' For more, click here.

Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love is voted the greatest guitar riff of all time by listeners of BBC Radio 2.
Iceland lowers aviation risk warning
Meg Ryan has reportedly split from John Mellencamp. Hundreds of people attended the funeral in St Louis, Missouri, of teenager Michael Brown.
Billions of blue jellyfish-like creatures have washed up along the North American West coast.
The return of Jonathan Ross to Radio 2 six years after the Sachsgate scandal has been branded “a disgrace” by a fellow BBC presenter.
The annual Emmy's were handed last night, winners include:
Outstanding comedy series: Modern Family; Outstanding miniseries: Fargo; Outstanding lead actor in a comedy series: Jim Parsons - The Big Bang Theory; Outstanding lead actress in a comedy series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Veep;
Outstanding lead actor in a drama series: Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad;
Outstanding lead actress in a drama series: Julianna Margulies - The Good Wife; Outstanding lead actor in a miniseries or movie: Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock: His Last Vow;
Outstanding supporting actor in a miniseries or movie: Martin Freeman - Sherlock: His Last Vow;
Outstanding lead actress in a miniseries or movie: Jessica Lange - American Horror Story: Coven;
Outstanding supporting actress in a miniseries or movie: Kathy Bates - American Horror Story: Coven.
A snap poll by The Guardian newspaper and polling company ICM suggested 71% of those polled thought Mr Salmond had come out on top in the Scottish independence debate, against 29% for Mr Darling.
Barack Obama authorizes surveillance flights over Syria.
Amazon buys game site Twitch.
Good news! Dutch national Joran van der Sloot, who is in jail for murder in Peru, goes on hunger strike after being transferred to a maximum security prison.
Three men are stabbed and two police officers are injured in a series of violent clashes at the Notting Hill carnival in west London.

Superman Comic Sells for $3.2 Million

Aug 25th 2014

Today in History: 1768: James Cook begins his first voyage; 1835: The New York Sun perpetrates the Great Moon Hoax; 1916: The United States National Park Service is created. Holidays and Observances: Liberation Day, Paris; Independence Day, Uruguay.

Day 237 there are 128 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Ivan the Terrible, Ruler, 1530-1584;
Louis I of Spain, 1707-1724;
Ludwig I of Bavaria, 1786-1868;
Ludwig II of Bavaria, 1845-1886;
Ruby Keeler, Actress, 1910-1993;
Mel Ferrer, Actor, 1917-2008;
Richard Greene, Actor, 1918-1985;
Sean Connery, Spy, 1930-;
Regis Philbin, Entertainer, 1931-;
Tom Skerritt, Actor, 1933-;
Virginia Euwer Wolff, Author, 1937-;
Frederick Forsyth, Author, 1938-;
Beverly Malone, Nurse, 1948-;
Ann Abraham, Public servant, 1952-;
Ruth Ann Swenson, Soprano, 1959-;
Christine McGlade, Actress, 1963-;
Blair Underwood, Actor, 1964-;
Joanne Whalley, Actress, 1964-;

Tom Hollander, Actor, 1967-;
Rachael Ray, Cook, 1968-;
Eric Millegan, Actor, 1974-;
Alexander Skarsgard, Actor, 1976-;

Rachel Bilson, Actress, 1981-;
China Anne McClain, Actress , 1998-.

People died today:
Pliny the Elder, 23-79;
Gratian, Emperor, 359-383;
Louis IX of France, 1214-1270;
Margaret of Anjou, 1429-1482;

James Watt, Engineer, 1736-1819;

Aleksandr Kuprin, Writer, 1870-1938;
Stan Kenton, Musician, 1911-1979;
Truman Capote, Author, 1924-1984;

Philippe Léotard, Actor, 1940-2001;
Moondog King, Wrestler, 1949-2005;
Neil Armstrong, Moonwalker, 1930-2012.

'Sally Preston has been named North America president of Orion Capital' says Malika Toure at Ms. Preston has in the past worked at Martha Stewart's company, Rodale, Hearst and says Malika she 'was most recently VP-publisher at Time Inc.'s Real Simple magazine.' For more, click here.

James Oseland Leaves Saveur to Launch Rodale’s Organic Life

Rodale Seeking a Chief for Women’s Health

Fortune Senior Writer Jessi Hempel Moves to Wired

If you are looking for smut online, instead of videos of crazy cats, than don't bother looking at for either! 'The magazine is revamping its digital presence, starting with a new safe-for-work look and editorial focus' scribes Ricardo Bilton at with things 'like entertainment and nightlife' instead of lewd, rude and some would say crude photographs. “Girl content does well, but there’s a ceiling on that,” said Playboy digital content svp Cory Jones, who joined in June. “But if you’re doing really shareable fun viral things, you do even better. That content has a higher ceiling.” For more of Ricardo's report, click here.

Not sure if Playboy would be described as a lifestyle magazine or not, but says the New York post 'for those of us who can’t afford a lifestyle, not even an alternative one, at least we have magazines. And the batch we feature this week — Wallpaper*, Nylon, Fader and Du Jour — demonstrates just how alternative a lifestyle can be.' For more on this, click here.

Oscar-winning actor and director Richard Attenborough has died, he was 90.
Ukraine says it is battling dozens of rebel armored vehicles that crossed from Russia
Sir Cliff Richard has been interviewed under caution in connection with an alleged historical sex offence, South Yorkshire Police says.
A 6.0 magnitude quake hits California's San Francisco Bay area
American journalist Theo Curtis has been released after being held captive by al-Nusra militants in Syria since 2012
At least nine people have been killed and and dozens wounded in a suicide bomb attack on a Shia mosque in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad
Algeria suspends football indefinitely following the death of player Albert Ebosse, who was hit by a stone thrown by fans.
Deadly riot in southern Brazil jail.
Peter Capaldi has made his debut as the new Dr. Who.
French President Francois Hollande orders PM Manuel Valls to form a new government after two senior ministers criticize their austerity policies.
The Thai general who led May's coup, Prayuth Chan-ocha, is officially appointed prime minister following King Bhumibol Adulyadej's endorsement.
A Liberian doctor has died despite taking experimental anti-Ebola drug ZMapp, the country's information minister says.
UK close to possibly identifying James Foley's killer.

Aug 22nd 2014

Today in History: 555: Columba reports seeing a monster in Loch Ness; 1642: Charles I calls the English Parliament traitors. The English Civil War begins; 1972: Rhodesia is expelled by the IOC for its racist policies. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 234 there are 131 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Pope Leo XII, 1760-1929;
Milan I of Serbia, 1854-1901;
Dorothy Parker, Poet, 1893-1967;
Deng Xiaoping, Politician, 1904-1997;
Hugh Paddick, Actor, 1915-2000;

Ray Bradbury, Author, 1920-2012;
Margaret Prosser, Politician, 1937-;
Valerie Harper, Actress, 1939-;
Cindy Williams, Actress, 1947-;
Eleonora Brown, Actress , 1948-;
Steve Davis, Snooker player, 1957-;
Mats Wilander, Tennis player, 1964-;

Elisabeth Murdoch,
Businesswoman, 1968-;
Richard Armitage, Actor, 1971-;

Kristen Wiig, Actress, 1973-;
Jennifer Finnigan, Actress, 1979-;
Luke Russert, Journalist, 1985-.

People died today:
Pope Gregory IX, 1143-1241;
Pope Nicholas III, 1216-1280;
Richard III of England, 1452-1485;

Maria Cunitz, Astronomer, 1610-1664;
Jean-Honoré Fragonard,
Painter, 1732-1806;
Henry Radcliffe Crocker,
Dermatologist, 1846-1909;
Ellen Church, Flight attendant, 1904-1965;

Jomo Kenyatta, Politician, 1894-1978;
Colleen Dewhurst, Actress, 1924-1991;

Gladys Powers, Soldier, 1899-2008.

If you are having problems with your tablet sales, you may not be alone. In fact Ricardo Bilton at says 'a combination of design, pricing and discovery issues has made tablet magazines a hard sell, both for publishers and the digital readers they’re trying to reach.' Joe Zeff VP of 'tablet app software company ScrollMotion' says 'there are still a lot of issues.' For more on this, click here.

All is not well at People magazine as a 'discrimination lawsuit filed by former People staffer Tatsha Robertson makes a number of incendiary claims against since-departed executive editor Betsy Gleick' reports Tatsha Robertson asserts that standards are different depending on the color of the skin of the person featured on the cover. For more, click on the covers.

Edward Menicheschi is leaving Vanity Fair to 'become president and chief marketing officer of Condé Nast Media Group' says Steve Cohn at, and if anybody would know, it would be Steve! For more, click here.

'The New York Post appears to be going way out of its way to anger people' reports D. B. Hebbard at Says D.B. 'the new iPad edition is simply a PDF replica, and as tabloids reproduce better on iPads as a replica than do broadsheets, you might think readers would not mind' - well you would think that, but to quote D.B. 'nope!' For more on angry readers and their readers, click here.

Today Media, a Wilmington, DE. company is to produce a new local magazine next month called Delaware Business Times. Sam Waltz is the publisher, Avie Silver is selling advertising and the executive editor is Michael Mika. It will publish bi-weekly and according the the magazine's media kit will contain "vital, relevant business news." In print and online sections will include news, statistics, focus section, business profiles and more.

A senior official in Kiev accuses Russia of invading Ukraine after Russian humanitarian aid lorries cross the border without permission.
More than 191,000 people have been killed in the Syria conflict up to April.
Scottish folk singer Jean Redpath has died.
Both US Ebola patients are out of hospital.
Four white lion cubs born in Germany.
Venezuela plans to fingerprint supermarket shoppers in a move to combat food shortages and smuggling.
India blocks Gandhi murder film.
UAE names Oxford Street, Piccadilly and Soho as dangerous areas that tourists should not visit.
Senegal closes its border with Guinea because of the deadly Ebola outbreak.

Aug 20th 2014

Today in History: 1998: The Supreme Court of Canada rules that Quebec cannot legally secede from Canada without the federal government's approval; 1988: Iran–Iraq War: a cease fire is agreed after almost eight years of war; 1914: German forces occupy Brussels; 1882: Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture debuts in Moscow, Russia. Holidays and Observances: World Mosquito Day.

Day 232 there are 133 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Jacopo Peri, Composer, 1561-1633;
Bernardo O'Higgins,
Politician, 1778-1842;
H. P. Lovecraft, Author/Poet, 1890-1937;
Jim Reeves, Singer, 1923-1964;
Yootha Joyce, Actress, 1927-1980;
Don King, Boxing promoter, 1931-;
Robin Oakley, Journalist, 1941-;
Isaac Hayes, Musician, 1942-2008;
Rajiv Gandhi, Politician, 1944-1991;
Connie Chung, Journalist, 1946-;
Al Roker, Weatherman, 1954-;
Joan Allen, Actress, 1956-;
Colin Cunningham, Actor, 1966-;
Amy Adams, Actress, 1974-;

James Ormond, Cricketer, 1977-;
Rochelle Gadd, Actress, 1980-.

People died today:
Agrippa Postumus, 12BC-14;
Mochta, Disciple, ???-535;
Martin Opitz, Poet, 1597-1639;
Cornelis de Witt, Politician, 1623-1672;
Johan de Witt, Politician, 1625-1672;
Jean-Baptiste Pigalle,
Sculptor, 1714-1785;
Pope Pius VII, 1740-1823;
Pope Pius X, 1835-1914;
Charles Bannerman,
Cricketer, 1851-1930;
Norris Bradbury, Physicist, 1909-1997;
Leona Helmsley, "Queen of Mean",
Dom Mintoff, Politician, 1916-2012;
Phyllis Diller, Comedienne, 1917-2012;

Elmore Leonard, Author, 1825-2013.

"This is the dawn of a new and exciting period of growth for AMI." All because AMI, according to Michael Rondon at 'is converting almost 25 percent of its outstanding debt into equity holdings for its new owners.' This means AMI's debt is reduced by about 25% and reports Michael 'according to its 2014 fiscal year annual report, the company relies on print for 57 percent of its revenue, with more than three-quarters of those dollars' from newsstand sales. For more, click here.

Nicole Levy at scribes that 'Condé Nast is selling the fashion trade paper Women's Wear Daily, and the bulk of the other titles and businesses in its Fairchild Fashion Media division, to Penske Media Corporation. Says Alexandra Steigrad at the deal includes 'WWD, its archive, Footwear News, M Magazine and the Fairchild Summits and events business.' Some brands that were the property of Fairchild will however stay at Condé Nast, for more on this, click here.

Dan Gilbert the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers is said to be in talks to buy a bit of the Robb Report. $60,000,000 is the apparent asking price, so suggests Keith J. Kelly at the new York Post - and Keith is the guy that would know! Says Mr. Kelly 'the 52-year old Detroit native has no experience running any publishing entities' but if the deal is done, the current management would remain. For more, click here.

Hearst Launching TrendingNY in New York Metro Area

ISIS., a militant group releases a video purporting to show the beheading of US journalist James Foley, possibly by a British man.
Police in Paraguay arrest a fugitive Brazilian fertility doctor, Roger Abdelmassih, convicted of sexually abusing 39 of his patients.
Rain sparks deadly Japan landslides.
Independence 'would devastate BBC'.
Shares in South Africa’s largest banks have fallen after being downgraded by the credit ratings agency Moody’s.
UK Prime Minister David Cameron returns to Downing St for talks on Islamic State threat following video of James Foley "killing".

Aug 19th 2014

Today in History: 1561: Mary, Queen of Scots, returns to Scotland after spending 13 years in France; 1854: The First Sioux War begins; 1934: The first All-American Soap Box Derby is held in Dayton, Ohio; 1989: Radio Caroline, the offshore pirate station in the North Sea, is raided by British and Dutch governments. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 231 there are 134 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Eustace Budgell, Politician, 1686-1737;
Orville Wright, Pilot, 1871-1948;
Coco Chanel,
Fashion designer, 1883-1971;
Ogden Nash, Poet, 1902-1971;
Gene Roddenberry,
Screenwriter, 1921-1991;
Frank McCourt, Author, 1930-2009;
Johnny Nash, Singer, 1940-;
William Clinton, Politician, 1946-;
Mary Matalin, Political consultant, 1953-;
Peter Gallagher, Actor , 1955-;
Adam Arkin, Actor, 1955-;
Kyra Sedgwick, Actress, 1965-;

Matthew Perry, Actor, 1969-;

Erika Christensen, Actress, 1982-.

People died today:
Augustus, Emperor, 63BC-14;
Frederick III, Emperor, 1415-1493;
Blaise Pascal, Mathematician, 1623-1662;
Kathleen Parlow, Violinist, 1890-1963;
Alastair Sim, Actor, 1900-1976;
Jessie Matthews, Actress, 1907-1981;
Hermione Baddeley, Actress, 1906-1986;

Betty Everett, Singer, 1939-2001;
Donald Woods, Journalist, 1933-2001;

Mo Mowlam, Politician, 1949-2005;
Lee Thompson Young, Actor, 1984-2013.

Newsweek was a print product, then it went digital, then back to print. According to Joe Pompeo 'Newsweek, resurrected in print, now turns to the web.' However, it looks like the good folks at Newsweek know what they are doing (something currently quite rare in our business) because Joe reports 'things have settled down since the print reboot in March, according to editor-in-chief Jim Impoco, so now Newsweek can devote some additional energy to digital growth.' For more on the plans, join Joe Pompeo by clicking here.

Cara Katz Hired as New York Media Ad Director

'Bimonthly lifestyle magazine City Life has undergone a cover redesign and content change' reports with managing editor Michael Hill saying “we feel the new direction has a refreshing and modern essence to it,” managing editor Michael Hill said. “It’s one we hope readers enjoy as much as we do.” For more, cliquez ici.

Hearst has named Alison DeBenedictis executive creative director, group marketing for Hearst Men’s Group.

'On Spec magazine has lost its Canada Council for the Arts funding for 2015' reports which means they are now reaching out to their readers for funds. The report says 'the science fiction and fantasy quarterly journal has showcased Canadian writers and artists for the past 25 years. The grant (between $20-25,000) was used to pay writers and its printer. For more, click on the cover.

The first half of 2014 saw a loss in the UK of 'nearly a million in sales' which is quite a lot considering the UK market. D.B. Hebbard says 'particularly hard hit was music magazines' but as publishers we know getting and maintaining circulation is an expensive business and as D.B. says 'letting some readers go away is a pretty smart idea... occasionally the decision to drop ten percent may actually improve the bottom line of a title.' For more on this, click here.

Police and protesters clash again in Ferguson, Missouri.
A major US hospital group said it was the victim of a cyber-attack resulting in the theft of 4.5 million people's personal data.
New York Met Opera unions agree deal.

James Alexander Gordon, one of the most recognizable voices in British broadcasting, has died aged 78.

Iceland raises volcano alert level.
Don Pardo has died in his sleep, he was 96 years old.
Liberian Ebola patients 'found'.
Clive Palmer an Australian mining magnate turned MP has caused outrage by calling the Chinese "mongrels" and "bastards" who shoot their own people.
Comedian Tim Vine wins the funniest gag award twice at the Edinburgh Fringe. Here you go: "I've decided to sell my Hoover ... well, it was just collecting dust." (For those who do not not what a hoover is, it is a vacuum cleaner.

Aug 18th 2014

Today in History: 1634: Urbain Grandier, accused and convicted of sorcery, is burned alive in Loudun, France; 1877: Martian moon Phobos discovered; 2008: President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf resigns. Holidays and Observances: National Science Day, Thailand.

Day 230 there are 135 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Maria Anna of Spain, 1606-1646;
Antonio Salieri, Composer, 1750-1825;
Margaret Murie,

Environmentalist, 1902-2003;
Amelia Boynton Robinson, Activist, 1911-;
Moura Lympany, Pianist, 1916-2005;
Shelley Winters, Actress, 1920-2006;

Rosalynn Carter, Past First Lady, 1927-;
Ronnie Carroll, Singer, 1934-;
Patrick Swayze, Actor, 1952-2009;
Bob Woodruff, Journalist, 1961-;
Christian Slater, Actor, 1969-;

Mika, Singer, 1983-;
Elizabeth Beisel, Swimmer, 1992-.

People died today:
Pope Sixtus III, ???-440;
Pope Adrian V, 1220-1276;
Pope Alexander VI
, 1431-1503;
Pope Paul IV, 1476-1559;
Louis de Freycinet, Explorer , 1779-1842;
Honoré de Balzac, Author, 1799-1850;
Cy Walter, Pianist, 1915-1968;
Grethe Ingmann, Singer, 1938-1990;
David Gale, Actor, 1936-1991;
Persis Khambatta, Actress, 1950-1998;

Magdalen Nabb, Author, 1947-2007;
Scott McKenzie, Singer, 1939-2012;

Victoria Eugenia Fernández de Córdoba, 18th Duchess of Medinaceli, 1917-2013.

'Departures is marking its 25th anniversary with a special issue with five separate covers' says Alexandra Steigrad at and the covers were sponsored by Tiffany & Co.. For more, click here.

'Women’s lifestyle publisher SheKnows Media is moving further down the platform road by acquiring StyleCaster Media Group, a collection of fashion and beauty sites' says Lucía Moses a However in so doing, Ms. Moses says 'it faces the question of how it can double its contributor roster while maintaining quality and consistency across its array of properties.' To see if the question gets answered, click here.

Last week was a funny old week, a week that sent Jess Cagle, editor of People magazine into a frenzy - and he loved it! Christine Haughney reports on the man that has a passion for celebrity, click here for more.

Julian Assange suggests he will "soon" leave London's Ecuadorean embassy.
Pope urges Korean reconciliation.
Texas Governor Rick Perry vows to fight an indictment against him for abuse of power.
Ricardo Izurieta, who succeeded General Pinochet
as Chilean army chief in 1988 has died, he was aged 71.
At least 160 people are reported to have been killed in floods and landslides following days of torrential rain in Nepal and northern India.
Confusion as Ebola patients vanish in the Liberian capital Monrovia.
Facebook tags satire in news feeds.
US opera star, Licia Albanese, one of the most admired
sopranos of the 1940s and 50s, dies in New York aged 105.
Sunday Night At The London Palladium is set to return to ITV with hosts that includes Rob Brydon and Jack Whitehall.
South Yorkshire Police have complained to the BBC about its reporting of the Sir Cliff Richard sex offence inquiry.

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Scotland... yes, or no - it is not going to have a happy ending. Click here to read.

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The Interactive Advertising Bureau found that more than a third of web traffic is fraudulent and BPA says only 40% of ads measured are actually viewable, but how much of a problem is this? Click here to read more....

Telemarketers are well aware of the Personal Identifier Question and recent changes in rules regarding the PIQ have caused somewhat of a debate in the industry. Ronen Ben-Dror of Blue Valley Telemarketing takes a look at what gives. Click here to read more....

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Not sure who is handling the promotions over at Vegetarian Times, but whoever it is, they are doing a great job.

In our last issue we got a renewal reminder informing us we had only one issue left.

There is a sticker on the outer envelope to remove and put on the order card inside. Good copy pointing out 'Last Chance for Maximum Savings!' and also a rather intriguing $25,000 Prize Number. Inside is a four color brochure just for good measure. These people obviously know the value of renewals. Click on any of the images above to see larger samples.

The original order was placed through Publishers Clearing House and sweeps sold, means sweeps renewed, and this is what the prize being offered is all about. Excellent technique.

Also, since we were looking at the current issue of Vegetarian Times, well done for including not one, not two, but three insert cards in the magazine.

Here's a good offer from Oracle Magazine for a qualified controlled publication. It has good benefits copy and makes requesting Oracle Magazine easy with a couple of "Subscribe Now" buttons.  There is interesting PS copy offering a new publication for those who might be interested in Java Magazine as well as Oracle. The design is clean, uncluttered and attractive. To view the offer, click here. Not sure why the publisher is only offering six free issues, but given the quality of the promotion there must be a very good reason.

Here's a nice promotion from The Nation.  It's quick to read, offers an invitation to receive exclusive free offers - it's a flattering offer and comes from a credible publication.

It ultimately leads you to a subscription landing page offering 4 free issues (very strong offer) plus attractive subscription prices and a choice of format - print or online access.
The promotion is clean and uncluttered with enough enticing benefits to attract readership.

Click on the image above for a larger version.

We received our monthly renewal offer from TV Guide this week, and it does all the right things and looks good, and makes ordering very simple. As with many publications the actual renewal date is not mentioned, something which annoys me as a subscriber, but pleases me as a marketer - can you tell I am a Gemini? IF you click on the image above, you can see what happens at the ordering stage, although this is made as simple as possible. Interestingly, for an online order form, and a renewal form at that, TV Guide offers a Bill Me option.

We recently received the regular offer from Opera News and this offer, like our old nanny Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way. '3 Risk-Free Issues' always a vote grabber, a free gift offer of a CD, an involvement device, savings of 68%, and a reply by instruction. We may have died and gone to heaven!

Inside, or the reverse depending on your point of view, 'Free' is mentioned not once, nor twice but four times in as many paragraphs and an excellent re-stating of what we are going to get, or not if we don't reply in ten days. The Free issues are even restated on the reply card. Whoever wrote and designed this should be sent a bag of onions, because they sure as hell know them. It looks good, does all the right things and Opera News mail it regularly, so we can conclude that it works for them. (Click here or on the thumbnail to view larger image.


Here is the latest offering from People magazine. Nice personalized outer envelope, and a simple and concise brochure showing good covers and copy that sells the subscription. To order, it's old school, snail mail - no mention of ordering via the web anywhere. Nice package and well done to People for knowing that direct mail via the post office is still a good way to get orders.

Click on the image to see large versions.

Here’s what appears to be an advance renewal offer from Vegetarian Times.  It’s a renewal sweeps – smart idea because the original sub order was placed through PCH.  We’re assuming it’s an advance renewal as only one copy of the subscription has been received thus far.  The offer is a strong one –a 78% saving on the renewal plus a chance to win $25,000 (along with other prizes).  Package includes clever “sweeps” techniques on the outer envelope, an offer deadline and small flyer detailing prizes.  Good job, Vegetarian Times!

Click on the image to see large versions.



We received this double postcard from GQ magazine. The card looks great, has a nice cover and a nice free gift, but also has a rather confusing offer. '24 issues of GQ for only $20.00 - that's 83c (plus 17 cents shipping and handling) per issue; in other words $24.00 then. If you add 83 cents to 17 cents, you get $1.00 which if you then multiply by 24 issues you get $24.00. Click on the image to see large versions.


When my subscription of 'The Week' arrived last week, inside the envelope was an offer for 12 issues of 'The Oldie' magazine. As far as I am aware these magazines are independent of each other, but have a great deal in common.

This is a nice way of promoting a magazine that is probably already known to readers of another magazine and would be fairly cheap to produce and execute. Nice offer. Click on the image for a larger view of the outside and inside.


Always nice to get something from 'The Economist' as they always do things so well.

A free copy of 'The World in 2013' is a nice incentive for the readers among us, and a free tablet cover for the tecchies to boot - which also indirectly pushes the digital version.

The predominant red is great as it screamed "ECONOMIST" as soon as I opened my email. Oh and 69c a copy, they got me! [Click here or on image for large version].
Now I just have to get a tablet - Christmas is coming!


'People' really knows how to use it's house file. Good offer, nice creative and use of personalization.

The offer is strong and the order form is pre-populated - what's not to love? (Click on the image to see larger size and also the order form page.


This is an interesting offer. On the one hand it pushes newsstand sales, you can save $1.00 if you print out the coupon. However if you clicked on the Save $1.00 link you can also subscribe and get eight issues free.

An offer is an offer,
even though this offer
is not publishing related,
it has ignored basic
promotion rule 1-0-1:
Know Thy Prospect!


To view larger size, click on the above image.

A recent offer from People magazine. It looks simple but a great deal of thought has gone into this offer, not least the cover featured on the tablets.

To view larger size, click on the above image.

Let's state it up front - we know the email at the end of the link is spam. Even so, it is a great example of why some design is a good thing in email promotions - even text only promotions. We cannot believe anyone who got this email would even have got so far a clicking a link! Click here to see the email, which is a screen shot taken from our computer.

Rebecca Sterner wrote on CircSpot on how to set up an autorenewal. It just so happens that today we received our auto renewal for Time. In all honesty we had not planned to renew it, but it is done, and although we could cancel it, $81.00 for 56 issues is not worth the hassle of canceling, so we guess the auto renewal worked... at least in our case.

To view larger size, click on the above image.

A reader looked for something on the Times of London web site, and this popped up while the page they wanted to view was loading. He liked it, took a picture, and sent it to us - thanks Glyn C-R of Buckinghamshire.

A reader subscribed to Fast Company and paid $10.00 for a subscription. After placing the order, they received an email offering a $5.00 credit if she can get another person to subscribe in the next 6 hours. This seemed like a very clever idea to the the person who sent us the information - and we agree.

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