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The following articles are my own thoughts, yes, I do have some from time to time, so don't blame anyone else! They are written with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, but they are all based on a certain amount of truth.

Articles are normally posted every Thursday.

February 8th 2018

So, last Sunday it was the Super Bowl. The Eagles won and declared themselves “world champions” which since the world does not participate, with the possible exception of Canada, seems a bit over zealous shall we say.

Football in America is strange because for the most part the foot is not actually used and the ball is not “ball” shaped at all. Perhaps we should invent a new game where people throw an oval shaped ball but we cannot do that because that has already been done by a bunch of English school children from a school in Warwickshire called Rugby.

We watched all the game and enjoyed it; I was rooting for the Patriots, my wife for the Eagles and I am pleased she “won” because the English are so much better in accepting defeat. What with the World Cup, Eurovision Song Contest, Olympics (summer and winter) we have had so much experience!

Justin Timber yard, sorry, Lake was the half time entertainment and all in all we thought his performance quite lack luster, perhaps he was regretting not inviting Janet Jackson to sing and titillate us with a possible wardrobe malfunction.

The game lasts an hour, four quarters of fifteen minutes each, the remaining three hours is devoted, more or less, to commercials. A thirty second commercial costs $5,000,000; that is $166,666 a second -- just about equal to what the president of the United States is paid for a year after tax. I rarely pay attention to the commercials because for the most part they bore me rigid, and if you tell the truth, I bet you really feel the same. I vaguely remember either Eli or Peyton Manning being in a commercial pretending to be Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing – I am still not sure why.

I enjoyed the game, but frankly one game a year is enough. In the summer there is that game where one team bats and the other fields and the object is to hit the ball and run around four bases. The team that does that the most wins. You know the one I am talking about – America’s game – invented back in Tudor time in England and I am told one of Henry VIII’s favorite pastimes when he was not chopping off his wives’ heads.