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The following articles are my own thoughts, yes, I do have some from time to time, so don't blame anyone else! They are written with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, but they are all based on a certain amount of truth.

Articles are normally posted every Thursday.

April 12th 2018

Despite some of the things I have written here I have never really had any hate mail, I know, I tried… I failed, what can I say?

However this week I expect a deluge of hate mail because I am going to be very rude to my friends, you know whom you are! You are the ones that get on Facebook and tell me “I am special” or “I am loved” and “send this onto ten friends to spread the love!” Bullshit!

I never ever forward anything because frankly my friends already know what I think of them, and do not need a Facebook message to reinforce that.

I got a message the other day that “God Loves Me” and to “send God’s love to five people I love!” If God has been reduced to getting followers by asking Facebook to spread his word then we are all doomed.

Someone sent me a message saying: “does your wife know how special you are?” Of course she does - I tell her at least three times a day.

If you are my friend on Facebook and ask me to spread messages, then you are more an acquaintance than a friend.