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The following articles are my own thoughts, yes, I do have some from time to time, so don't blame anyone else! They are written with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, but they are all based on a certain amount of truth.

Articles are normally posted every Thursday.

June 15th 2017

Donald Trump’s desire for love, mostly pertaining to himself knows no bounds. Apparently he wants to cancel his trip to the United Kingdom unless the people are nice to him. Could I suggest Mr. President that old adage that basically goes, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. It is surprising how well this thinking works. For example if you had kept your fingers off the keyboard you would not have sent an offensive Tweet that pissed off just about everyone in London. The last set of people that did this as effectively as you were the Irish Republican Army.

I don’t know whether the mayor messed up or not, nor frankly do you because the most serious thing you have had to deal with since being in office, that was not self inflicted was… well… I’ll think on that a bit more.

The president’s latest love-in was his assembled cabinet that all had to tell him a) how wonderful he was; b) hey lucky they were and c) … well… I’ll think on that a bit more.

We know the president loves cats, because I heard him once say he wanted to grab one and it made Billy Bush laugh – it also made Mr. Bush redundant if I recall correctly. We know he loves women, because has married so many of them over the years.

I have nothing against the man, he is president and I respect the office to which the Electoral College vouchsafed to him and one day I am sure I will respect the holder of the office… well… I’ll think on that a bit more.

Mr. President, my mother always said ‘be nice to others, and they will be nice to you’. She also said ‘if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing’ – she was a wise woman. Perhaps you might like think on that and perhaps you can then take the twit out of twitter.