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The following articles are my own thoughts, yes, I do have some from time to time, so don't blame anyone else! They are written with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, but they are all based on a certain amount of truth.

Articles are normally posted every Thursday.

August 3rd 2017

Isn't it time we stopped banging on about Princess Diana? The only effect she ever had on my life was to stop me drinking alcohol at a Neil Diamond concert many years ago because she sat a few rows in front of me, and the police were concerned people would throw their drinks at her. No, I don’t know why the police would think anyone would do that but then when it comes to this lady, thought seems to have been thrown out the window.

She has been dead twenty years this month; people who were not even born when she died have had children themselves. The iPod Nano has come… and gone, as have Pepsi Blue, Al-Jazeera America, terrestrial B.B.C.3, Brian Williams presenting the evening news, Scott Pelley presenting the evening news, Dr. Oz’s monthly mag, Super-Size Fries at McDonald's, ‘no more sales’ at J.C Penny, B2K, Y2K, David Cameron and Barack Obama. Justin Bieber was simply a child who is now simply childish, Gangham Style was a misspelt fabric and did I mention Brian Williams and Scott Pelley presenting the evening news?

Now, here we are, approaching the 20th anniversary of her death and television, radio, magazines and even her sons have all got in on the Diana act.

Princes William and Harry, Bill and Hank to their friends, did a tell-all about their mother on television, which I am told, because I did not see it, the revelations included she was a great mother – was that ever really in doubt? In the United Kingdom this Sunday Channel 4 television is doing their tell-all show that as far as I can tell is mainly a re-hash of what N.B.C. revealed on the tenth anniversary of Diana’s death that was pretty much all we ever knew about the late Princess of Wales.

Rosa Moncton, Penny Junor and Roya Nikkhah have all had something to say, when basically there is nothing more to say; it is time to let this lady rest in peace. It is time for the press to let her rest in peace, it is time for her family to let her rest in peace. I am hopeful that by the time the 50th anniversary comes around, I will be resting in peace because I truthfully cannot take much more of this “cashing in” on the life and death of a very classy, if on occasions ill-advised and certainly mistreated lady – it really is time to stop – now – please!