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Apr 19th

If this is the caliber of professors at Fresno State, don't send your children to Fresno State.

Apr 12th

You are not my friend.

Apr 5th

Help! Last night I had a strange dream about The Beatles.

Mar 22nd

I am SO pleased I am a technophobe.

Mar 15th

It is time for the annual cull of television shows.

Mar 1st

Pharmacy approved.

Feb 22nd
TopAd800 Diana may have had the last laugh.
Feb 8th
TopAd800 Excuse me, but isn't American Football actually Rugby?
Feb 1st
TopAd800 It's a great week to be an American!
Jan 25th
TopAd800 We shall die not knowing why we have died, thanks to the internet.
Jan 18th
TopAd800 I have to write a bucket list.
Jan 11th
TopAd800 I tried to update my iPad - and may have launched nuclear missiles at the Queen!
Jan 4th 2018
TopAd800 We love Alexa!
Dec 21st
TopAd800 The annual award season's here, and here are our awards, most of which people do not want.
Dec 14th
TopAd800 Christmas day at Balmoral, or a root canal?
Dec 7th
TopAd800 Oh the aches and pains of the new fifty!
Nov 30th
TopAd800 Facebook will troll you to make sure you are okay.
Nov 16th
TopAd800 Okay, finally television makes no sense.
Nov 2nd
TopAd800 My Fitbit is trying to kill me.
Oct 19th
TopAd800 Water.
Oct 12th
TopAd800 American holidays are very confusing.
Oct 05th
TopAd800 The elephant in the room.
Sep 28th
TopAd800 We should all be very ashamed.
Sep 21st
TopAd800 It's time for Humpty to confirm that the moon landings were fake.
Sep 14th
TopAd800 1,000.00 bucks for a phone, bucking hell!
Sep 6th
TopAd800 Princess Henry of Wales - I know Harry and Megan are going to announce their engagement.
Aug 31st
TopAd800 A twitter twit!
Aug 24th
TopAd800 I think Charlie, Gayle and Nora don't like each other.
Aug 17th
TopAd800 All in all it's been a funny few days.
Aug 10th
TopAd800 Were things really better in the "old days?"
Aug 03rd
TopAd800 It is time to let Princess Diana rest in peace.
Jul 27th
TopAd800 Things I know longer wear.
Jun 15th
TopAd800 The presidents just wants to be loved.
May 25th
TopAd800 If Twitter really is the future, we are doomed!
May 11th
TopAd800 I knew President Trump would be interesting.
May 4th
TopAd800 What is the point of going "on location?"
Apr 20th
TopAd800 Happy Birthday Ma'am.
Apr 6th
TopAd800 The reason the U.K. is leaving the E.U. is simple... it is to annoy the French.
Mar 23rd
TopAd800 I finally subscribed to a digital magazine.
Mar 3rd
TopAd800 I am still laughing at last Sunday's Academy Award show.
Feb 23rd
TopAd800 I have three rather daunting anniversaries looming, but am I downhearted?
Feb 16th
TopAd800 I am sorry for the psychic, but surely she should have known?
Feb 2nd
TopAd800 Doomsday, Snooze-day.
Jan 19th
TopAd800 Something so small caused so much hassle.
Jan 12th
TopAd800 Poor Meryl.
Jan 5th 2017
TopAd800 New Year's Rockin' Eve went pffft.
Dec 15th
TopAd800 The annual award season's here, and here are our awards, most of which people do not want.
Dec 1st
TopAd800 I really want Donald Trump to be the best president ever.
Nov 17th
TopAd800 Fake news has been around for years, just ask the Queen Mum.
Nov 10th
TopAd800 I choose her over him.
Oct 27th
TopAd800 Call me old fashioned but I don't think early voting is a good idea.
Oct 20th
TopAd800 I had a few minutes and looked at LinkedIn; I wish I hadn't.
Oct 13th
TopAd800 I am not sure if I can stomach a third debate.
Oct 6th
TopAd800 I am in a quandary, and it's all the fault of Daffy Donald!
Sep 22nd
TopAd800 Considering security is key; security is a joke!
Sep 15th
TopAd800 These young whipper-snappers don't know how to protest!
Sep 1st
TopAd800 What makes a happy marriage?
Aug 25th
TopAd800 Stop moving the goal...
Aug 18th
TopAd800 The Olympics.
Jul 21st
TopAd800 Republican convention or Pokémon, in both cases, God give me strength!
Jul 14th
TopAd800 Please don't kill your wife, I need her recipe.
Jul 7th
TopAd800 If this is truly a global world, can I have my bike back please?
Jun 23rd
TopAd800 It is time for Americans to accept what the rest of the world knows, guns DO kill people.
Jun 16nd
TopAd800 Do endorsements for politicians actually serve any purpose?
Jun 2nd
TopAd800 Going on vacation used to be half the fun!
May 26th
TopAd800 Why go to a live music show, and then watch it through a three inch screen?
May 19th
TopAd800 AMC's bum's rush!
May 12th
TopAd800 Being English is hard!
May 5th
TopAd800 Twenty-four years ago my life changed forever.
April 21st
TopAd800 It may not be global warming, but something is going on.
April 14th
TopAd800 When Hillary Clinton is the inly candidate will balls, American should be very worried.
March 31st
TopAd800 Roy's annual physical (this has graphic descriptions that make make you laugh out loud.)
March 24th
TopAd800 Honoring people on Facebook is no honor at all.
March 10th
TopAd800 The makers of movies are out to kill me.
March 3rd
TopAd800 It's no good the Republicans blaming Donald Trump - it is all Mitt Romney's fault!
February 25th
TopAd800 Europe may be a good thing, but not for me... and for may reasons.
February 18th
TopAd800 Roy seems to have developed the ability to kill computers.
February 11th
TopAd800 You don't need to ask, you should already know!
February 4th
TopAd800 It is time for American political journalists to do their job.
January 28th
TopAd800 Got a problem? Consider drinking a cup of tea - it solves everything!
January 21st
TopAd800 It is time to stop handing awards to pretty much everyone.
January 14th 2016
TopAd800 The Super Bowl approaches - howzat!
December 17th
TopAd800 The annual awards are revealed.
December 10th
TopAd800 Isn't life great!
December 3rd
TopAd800 NBC nearly ruined our Thanksgiving.
November 19th
TopAd800 The events in Paris remind me of a time long ago, but there's a happy ending.
November 12th
TopAd800 The small print will kill you... so why make it small?
October 29th
TopAd800 From the start, I had a really bad day on Folio Tuesday.
October 8th
TopAd800 OK, who has the easiest job in America, I think I know, it's...
October 1st
TopAd800 The planners of the Pope's visit to the Big Apple should be sacked!
September 24th
TopAd800 There's a Pill for that
September 9th
TopAd800 The Queen and I
September 3rd
TopAd800 I am fed up being ripped off!
August 20th
TopAd800 Some of the advertisements on TV are so loud my sub-woofer vibrates!
August 13th
TopAd800 Finally Zimbabwe gets on to the world stage... sadly it is for the wrong reason.
August 6th
TopAd800 Stupid "world" days!
July 9th
TopAd800 Is it the rule of advertising... or the rule of Lemmings?
June 25th
TopAd800 I want Independence Day to be on July 4th. (Audio Version)
June 18th
TopAd800 The TV show Bones is confusing, so I explain. (Audio Version)
June 11th
TopAd800 The Economist and their cat poop coffee got me thinking... (Audio Version)
June 4th
TopAd800 I love socks - sock empower you! (Audio Version)
May 28th
TopAd800 Social Media treats me like I'm an idiot - and I am! (Audio Version)
May 21st
TopAd800 My television is watching me! (Audio Version)
May 7th
TopAd800 I am trying to go digital, and am getting skunked! (Audio Version)
Apr 30th
TopAd800 The problem with the death penalty is the wrong people die. (Audio Version)
Apr 23rd
TopAd800 Things were different when I was a kid.
Apr 16th
TopAd800 I tried to throw out some old albums, but... (Audio version)
Apr 9th
TopAd800 Time to plan the annual vacation. (Audio version)
Apr 2nd
TopAd800 Easter is so depressing.
Mar 26th
TopAd800 Lester Holt is a lazy git, he needs to do more! (Audio version)
Mar 19th
TopAd800 Girl Scout Cookies must contain at least one Girl Scout! (Audio version)
Mar 12th
TopAd800 Stop messing around with the clocks! (Audio version)
Mar 5th
TopAd800 Let's stop pissing around on the war of terror.
Feb 26th
TopAd800 3 girls joined ISIS, why are we surprised they got to Syria?
Feb 19th
TopAd800 It's winter, time for weatherpersons to get over the fact that it is winter!
Feb 12th
TopAd800 I am happy, as Emily saved people from the trash compactor. (Audio version)
Feb 5th
TopAd800 I get most things, but I don't get Twitter.
Jan 28th
TopAd800 Let's talk balls! (Audio version)
Jan 22nd
TopAd800 Time for the Oscars to diverse... (Audio version)
Jan 15th
TopAd800 I love Downton Abbey, but hope Barrow will kill the lot! (Audio version)
Jan 8th 2015
TopAd800 When is a "sale", not a sale?
Dec 18th
TopAd800 2014 And Another Thing Rumination! (Audio Version here.)
Dec 11th
TopAd800 I love Gayle King; Gayle King must dye! (Audio Version here.)
Dec 4th
TopAd800 I hate my Facebook friends, but that is OK, I don't know most them.
Nov 20th
TopAd800 All change Thanksgiving!
Nov 6th
TopAd800 Last chance for Roy's Kindle!
Oct 30th
TopAd800 I hate Hallow'en... but it might be about to get better!
Oct 27th
TopAd800 Coping with trade shows is more exhausting than it used to be!
Oct 9th
TopAd800 Stop telling me things are for my benefit, when they are really for yours!
Oct 4th
TopAd800 Ebola comes to the USA - and it is the fault of the Democrats!
Sep 25th
TopAd800 Time to move the United Nations to the desert... (caution bad language)...
Sep 18th
TopAd800 Will they, won't they - and what happens if they do!...
Sep 4th
TopAd800 I am sick and tired...
Aug 28th
TopAd800 Labor Day is coming, time for rhyme.
Aug 14th
TopAd800 I am going to make all my passwords 000, life will make life simpler I am sure.
Aug 7th
TopAd800 Roy is thinking of applying to be on Hell's Kitchen!
Jul 31st
TopAd800 Roy is married to a foreigner... so is his wife...
Jul 17th
TopAd800 I am decluttering my life... it feels great, and I am still alive!
Jul 10th
TopAd800 After 38 years it i time to own up...
Jun 26th
TopAd800 My health is good, all thanks to the USA soccer team...
Jun 19th
TopAd800 Dr. Oz is not the first, or the last to promote crap, Senator, it's been going on for years...
Jun 12t
TopAd800 It's Roy's birthday on Saturday...
Jun 5th
TopAd800 Roy answers questions on the Royal Family.
May 22nd
TopAd800 I am not stupid, so why does Facebook and LinkedIn treat like I am?
May 15th :
TopAd800 Last year a total of 82 people were murdered in London... now there's Jack!
May 8th :
TopAd800 Driving in Manhattan is not easy... for tourists!
Apr 17th :
TopAd800 Those on screen promos are really beginning to annoy me.
Apr 3rd :
TopAd800 The world would be better off if we replaced love, with cheese.
Mar 27th :
TopAd800 OMG! OMG! SNAFU - English please!
Mar 13th :
TopAd800 The machines have finally risen, and they are called the "internets!"
Mar 6th :
TopAd800 I keep forgetting things... am I doomed?
Feb 26th :
TopAd800 It's could be the biggest Johnson in the world.
Feb 13th :
TopAd800 It's all in the wrist action... and thumb, for that matter.
Feb 06th :
TopAd800 Just how far away are we from having paywalls on television news?
Jan 30th :
TopAd800 Grunts, insults and testicular dislocation... it's the Superbowl!
Jan 23rd :
TopAd800 Methinks the"luvvies" need to speak clearer, or else I am going deaf...
Jan 16th :
TopAd800 And the winner is...
Jan 9th 2014:
TopAd800 New year, and I made some resolutions.
Dec 19th :
TopAd800 Everyone is handing out end of year awards, so welcome to my awards.
Dec 12th :
TopAd800 How to make the Salvation Army happy... with apologies to Bloodhounds!
Dec 5th :
TopAd800 This year will be a brilliant Christmas, and all because here will be no presents under the tree!
Nov 21st :
TopAd800 I am back in America... and no longer damp.
Nov 14th :
TopAd800 I am back in England... and beginning to rot.
Nov 07th :
TopAd800 I am back in England... and oh so confused!
Oct 24th :
TopAd800 What I listen to on the radio... the original tweet!
Oct 17th :
TopAd800 Meeting people in person is SO much better than a webcam!
Oct 3rd :
TopAd800 Make all phones operate the same, PLEASE!
Sep 26th :
TopAd800 I want to go to my own high-school reunion... to get my own back!
Sep 12th :
TopAd800 Can people really be so stupid?
Aug 28th :
TopAd800 Britain and America are "two nations divided by a common language" and it's the Brits fault.
Aug 22nd :
TopAd800 Why are advertisers and web site owners doing their damnedest to piss me off?
Aug 15th :
TopAd800 Is it me? Don’t say, “yes” yet, give me a chance.
Aug 8th :
TopAd800 Consumer digital circulation is 3.3%, but how good, or bad, is 3.3%?
Aug 1st :
TopAd800 Are digital magazines as popular as we are lead to believe?
Jul 18th :
TopAd800 Princess Kate is having a baby so what?
Jul 11th :
TopAd800 Newspaper stories that could have been better worded!
Jun 27th :
TopAd800 If Kanye West can call his kid North, the Wills and Kate must call their sprog King or Queen!
Jun 20th :
TopAd800 The government is watching me, everyone is watching me!
Jun 13th :
TopAd800 I cannot get worked up about Apple's new stuff, or the government bugging my phone
Jun 06th :
TopAd800 Roy solves the illegal immigration problem and blasts the Connecticut governor!
May 23rd :
TopAd800 Roy finally comes of age!
May 16th :
TopAd800 You would think Roy would be happy Prince Harry is in town...
May 9th :
TopAd800 As a reader digital magazines and books put me off.
May 2nd :
TopAd800 I was going to write a serious article on publishing... then...
April 25th :
TopAd800 Is it too much to ask news reporters to report the news?
April 16th :
TopAd800 State sponsored murder, for some, sure!
April 9th :
TopAd800 Margaret Thatcher, Hero or Villain?
April 2nd :
TopAd800 Is it just me, or is television getting hard to hear?
March 26th :
TopAd800 My body is a temple.
March 21st :
TopAd800 AA145 - JFK to San Diego - Two famous people on board, me, and the other guy!
March 12th :
TopAd800 Leave me, and the clocks alone - please!
March 5th :
TopAd800 Finally, my Dentist and I agree on something.
February 26th :
TopAd800 Review of the Oscars - which I did not see.
February 19th :
TopAd800 I don't trust advertisers - and here's why!
February 12th :
TopAd800 2.4% cannot be described as "soaring."
February 5th :
TopAd800 Death, destruction and stabbings could really improve my mood!
January 29th :
TopAd800 Awards shows - you gotta love 'em - or not!
January 22nd :
TopAd800 I think the cat deleted all my phone contacts - well done that kitty!
January 15th :
TopAd800 My phone still hates me, but my cat loves my phone!
January 08th 2013:
TopAd800 I spent Christmas with dead people - it was fun!
December 18 :
TopAd800 This is not the column I had planned to write to close the year.
December 11 :
TopAd800 Time for Boehner, Reid, Pelosi and McConnell to be pushed over a real cliff.
December 04 :
TopAd800 Princess Kate is having a baby yada.... yada.... yada.
November 27th :
TopAd800 I'm a mean one, Mr Grinch!
November 20th :
TopAd800 Coconut Scrub and wet cats, just another day then!
November 13th :
TopAd800 The TV is about to be history!
November 6th :
TopAd800 I am sick and tired of advertisers treating me like an idiot.
October 30th :
TopAd800 I tried to digitize my library...
October 23rd :
TopAd800 Manners makes the man - a lesson a possible future president might like to heed.
October 16th :
TopAd800 What's in a name - everything!
October 9th :
TopAd800 Renewing an international subscription.
October 4th :
TopAd800 Presidential Debate Number 1 - the important stuff - honest!
October 2nd :
TopAd800 Social Media, more like ANTI Social Media if you ask me.
September 25th :
TopAd800 Emails - why make a three-minute phone call, when you can email all day long!
September 18th :
TopAd800 When did we decide to throw-it-all away?
September 11th :
TopAd800 Passwords... we need a new system!
September 4th :
TopAd800 I left the office early and had to be punished, so I watched the republican convention.
August 27th :
TopAd800 Stop the presses!
August 20th :
TopAd800 Does the world hate me, or am I just paranoid?
August 09th :
TopAd800 I wasn't going to mention the Olympics... but everyone else has, so I might as well rant!
July 30th :
TopAd800 Latest thing in my life? The gym!
July 19th :
TopAd800 The big five rings are nearly here.
June 30th :
TopAd800 Golf is not a sport, it's a hobby - let the fight begin...
June 20th :
TopAd800 My email and I are longer friends.
June 10th :
TopAd800 Who are you going to vote for? Me? Jack Bauer!
May 30th :
TopAd800 Am I missing England now that the Jubilee and Olympics are nearly here? Am I hell as like!
May 20th :
TopAd800 I was just as green when I was fourteen.
May 10th :
TopAd800 Roy wonders just how valuable and impressive Facebook is.
April 30th :
TopAd800 I am fed up.
April 23rd :
TopAd800 I love my Android.
April 10th :
TopAd800 I am the dinosaur - goo goo g'joob!
April 4th 2012:
TopAd800 Hello and welcome to my ruminations...