Useful, accessible information on circulation and audience development for magazine publishing professionals.

February 21st 2018
TopAd800 Double Whammy for TV Guide
December 21st
TopAd800 The Nightmare before Christmas - Redux
April 20th
TopAd800 The Myths of Circulation
November 10th
TopAd800 The Good Old Days - Part 2
July 5th
TopAd800 The Good Old Days - Part 1
July 5th
TopAd800 Do magazine coves still matter?
May 19th
TopAd800 What Information Should You Give your Creative Team?
March 31st
TopAd800 What do you do when you aren't working?
February 19th
TopAd800 Someone has to be responsible for the details.
January 26th 2016
TopAd800 To phone or not to phone. It is never a question.
December 3rd
TopAd800 Elaine has a dream.
October 6th
TopAd800 It is too late to start thinking about gift offers for this year, so learn now... for 2016!
September 10th
TopAd800 Launching a new magazine requires some thought and preparation, Elaine Tyson outlines some things you might like to think of.
September 2nd
TopAd800 There is a lot to recommend the creative for the very good email offer for WWD
July 15th
TopAd800 There are a number of programs available that might help you find more subscribers for your magazine.  One of them is a polybag ride-along.
June 2nd
TopAd800 The economics of circulation are complex, find your best ways to deliver.
May 7th
TopAd800 Basic Steps in Planning A Direct Mail Campaign
April 14th
TopAd800 Some Billing issues to consider.
April 4th
TopAd800 Automatic Renewals – Not a New Concept.
February 26th
TopAd800 Everything old is new again.
Janaury 27th
TopAd800 Play your cards right.. the straight talk on insert cards.
January 12th 2015
TopAd800 How, when and why you should use a buckslip.
December 10th
TopAd800 To Share, or Not to Share, It's Always a Question.
December 1st
TopAd800 Better Homes and Garden and Ladies' Home Journal.
November 6th
TopAd800 The one component ALL direct mall must have.
October 30th
TopAd800 A Halloween Nightmare...
September 25th
TopAd800 A good envelope is good, so it a good order form!
August 26th
TopAd800 Successful direct mail means a really good envelope.
July 17th
TopAd800 When you’re developing a new direct mail package, the place to start is with some research.
June 12th
TopAd800 Elaine encounters a Screw she can’t turn.
May 8th
TopAd800 The most successful innovations or tweaks often emerge when we force ourselves to temporarily suspend our hard-won knowledge.
March 19th
TopAd800 The full-dress direct mail package, what a treat!
February 25th
TopAd800 I say engagement, you say involvement...but...
January 29th

The Renewal Series Copy and Graphics.

January 7th 2014

Evaluating renewals - a practical "how to".

November 21st

Elaine gives a blow-by-blow account of the worst meeting of her life.

October 22nd

Elaine explains the technique of telling people a good story.

October 1st

Lift letters are not new, but they work and lift response...

September 4th

Become an even better publishing executive...

August 9th

Converting free to paid, it isn't easy, but these tips may help.

July 31st

Accepting change Equals Survival - so Embrace what you accept!

June 20th

Offering Prospective Subscribers the Right Benefits

May 30th
TopAd800 Email Subject Lines - and what to do with them.
April 24th
TopAd800 Anatomy of a voucher package.
April 4th
TopAd800 A Proactive Approach to Fulfillment - Other Important Steps.
March 27th
TopAd800 A Proactive Approach to Fulfillment - More Ways to Check.
March 12th
TopAd800 A Proactive Approach to Fulfillment - No One is Perfect.
February 12th
TopAd800 Develop your Competitive Intelligence– Part 3: Use the internet!
January 2nd 2013
TopAd800 Develop your Competitive Intelligence– Part 2: Look and Listen
December 5th
TopAd800 Develop your Competitive Intelligence– Part 1: Be Vigilant
November 6th
TopAd800 Creative – Part 5: Constructive Critiques
October 16th
TopAd800 Creative – Part 4: Enough Information
October 2nd
TopAd800 Creative – Part 3: Fees
September 11th
TopAd800 Creative – Part 2: Evaluating a Portfolio
August 27th
TopAd800 Creative – Part 1: Hire the Right People
August 15th
TopAd800 Mailing Lists – Part 4: Other Points to Remember
July 30th
TopAd800 Mailing Lists – Part 3: List Test Quantities
July 9th :
TopAd800 Mailing Lists – Part 2: Other List Sources
June 12th :
TopAd800 Mailing Lists – Part 1: Little Glamour, Lots of Leverage
May 15th :
TopAd800 Creative Thinking – Part 5: Stayin' Alive
April 30th :
TopAd800 Creative Thinking – Part 4: Idea Killers
April 30th :
TopAd800 Creative Thinking – Part 3: What's next?
April 17th :
TopAd800 Creative Thinking – Part 2: Imagination and Determination
April 04th 2012:
TopAd800 Creative Thinking – Part 1: Curiosity